Westlake Senior Citizen Targeted in Swindle

A 77-year-old Creekside Dr. man narrowly missed being swindled on Jan. 12, report Westlake Police.

The man received a call from a foreign-sounding male, “Roger,” who offered him a $200 rebate. The victim then gave the caller remote access to his bank account. The caller then hoodwinked the victim into believing that his account had been drained and that he could get his money back by wiring $4800 to the caller. POLICE_Westlake_RGB

The victim tried to wire the money from several locations. Attentive employees would not help him and told him he was being scammed. His bank also reported that he was not out any money, although an attempt was made to access his account.

Not so Lucky

$3600 in charges were racked up on a Detroit Rd. business’s bank account from May 2015 through Jan. 2016. Most were from an Internet retailer and a cellphone service provider. The account has been closed and the bank is also investigating.

Staff members from a Detroit Rd. store caught a 48-year-old Cleveland woman stealing $193.00 worth of property on Jan. 8. She was arrested for Petty Theft.

2 counterfeit $20 bills were passed at a First St. business on Jan. 9 or 10. They were forwarded to the Secret Service.

The Trouble with Alcohol

A 38-year-old Fairview Park man was arrested for DCI on Jan. 10 at 1:01AM at a Detroit Rd. gas station. His car was found later some distance away at a Dover Center Rd. saloon; how he got from the saloon to the gas station is unknown.

A 53-year-old Walter Rd. man was arrested for DCI on Jan. 10 at 11:07PM. He had been throwing things around the house; he threatened to kill his father and assault the arresting officers. He also struggled against being handcuffed and so a Resisting Arrest charge was added.

An intoxicated 54-year-old Fairview Park man consumed $80 worth of food and drink at a Detroit Rd. restaurant on Jan. 14 at 3:32PM, refused to pay his bill, and walked off. He was found nearby and was arrested for DCI and Petty Theft; he had no money on him.

Child Endangering Summons

A 3yoa Wakefield Ln. boy escaped from his home on Jan. 11 at 11:39AM. A passing motorist removed him from Bassett Rd. and brought him to a nearby school. The child was wearing only a shirt and pj bottoms. At 11:48AM his 32-year-old mom came home from running errands, found him missing, and called 911. He had been left in the charge of a teenage sibling. Children’s Services was notified and mom will receive a summons for Child Endangering.


A Hilliard Blvd. home was burgled on the morning of Jan. 11. A door was kicked in and a .357 revolver, a bb gun, bass guitar, camera, coins and bills, and a pillow case were taken.

An East Crossings Pkwy. woman sold jewelry for $2000 in Dec. 2015 via the Internet. She shipped the items to a PA buyer who has not remitted payment as of Jan. 11. The website told her that the buyer in question is a subject of their internal investigation as well as one by the FBI.

$500 cash and Rx medicine were taken from a Rittman man’s lunchbox on the morning of Jan. 13. He was working at the American Greetings jobsite on Crocker Rd. Another worker had his sandwich and banana taken the same morning.

A Southwood Dr. couple found numerous illicit charges on their credit card bill on Jan. 14. Most were run up at restaurants (probably for gift cards) and totaled apprx. $1500. The investigating officer is checking for any CCTV footage of the transactions at the various locations.

A 23-year-old Cleveland woman stole $21 worth of merchandise from a Detroit Rd. store on Jan. 14 at 5:49PM. She drove off eastbound onto I90 where Rocky River PD stopped her. She was arrested for Petty Theft by WPD.

A Saddlebrook Ln. woman received a number of calls on Jan. 7 which she suspects came from an ex-beau. She has a civil protection order against him and reported the matter on Jan. 14.


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