SocksPLUS: It Starts With the Socks, but Don’t Forget the PLUS

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SP-CWF-NEOCHWarm, dry socks are a true gift for a family or individual struggling to survive outdoors.

But every dollar you give through the Community West Foundation SocksPLUS initiative can also bring gloves, hats and more to the homeless.

The Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless and Community West Foundation have teamed up to remind all that socks are a necessity that can never be taken for granted.

“When we actually went out into the field, we found that socks are the most requested item,” says Peter Schindler, Program Director Community West Foundation. “But we had to add the PLUS because shoes and boots and sweaters and all the rest that is needed to keep someone warm who is outside.”

PLUS is also part of the SocksPLUS year-around program. “We want people to be aware of the homeless. This program is to also raise awareness. There are so many homeless in our communities. In fact, the number of homeless families as well as individuals has increased,” adds Schindler.

CWSocksPLUS Flyers 2016The holidays are over, so charitable giving slows even though the needs of the homeless increase through the first quarter of the year. “People have been so generous throughout the year and especially in the giving season,” says CWF’s Linda Spencer. “But January, February and March are the coldest time of the year and that’s when our homeless need the help the most.”

So far this year, schools, groups and organizations are stepping up. “People are stepping up. But the need continues throughout the year,” said Spencer.

$10 can buy 10 pair of really good socks or other essentials through the Coalition, which also handles distribution.

So a simple donation of just $10 will make a difference. And a larger donation will buy even more both now and all year around; gloves, hats, backpacks, blankets, boots and more.

PLUS, 100 per cent of the funds goes directly to the agencies.

Donate online at:

A special shout-out to everyone who has donated to the Community West Foundation’s SocksPLUS campaign, especially our first-time online donors! Thank you for caring about our neighbors who are most in need.
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