Westlake Preschool Students Follow Avon Lake Eagles

PreschoolEagles-2A pair of eagles nesting outside an Avon Lake elementary school became a lesson for Kathy Nash’s Hilliard Elementary School preschool class.

Since the students were beginning a unit on national symbols, Nash incorporated the eagles into an International Baccalaureate unit of inquiry. The lesson helped her preschoolers develop questions and research skills, while incorporating math, science, social studies, language arts and social skills into the lessons.

PreschoolEagles3-1Students worked together using measuring skills to create a life-sized eagle, which they compared to their own size. They researched the eagles’ markings and colors, and talked about what the eagles might be doing when they leave the nest. The students also are collecting sticks and will create a life-sized nest while they continue to research eagle facts.

The class also is monitoring Avon Lake’s Eagle Cam on YouTube to follow the eagles, recently discovering two eggs are now in the nest. Follow along at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZnb3jQ2YZo.Westlake Schools logo





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