Traffic Alert: Nagel Road Construction Coming in Avon

Alert to drivers: Upcoming Nagel Road Construction is coming in Avon.

On or about March 14, 2016 Sitetech Inc. will begin a construction project that will serve to widen a portion of Nagel Road south of Avon Road. The project will involve the construction of a western extension of Middleton Road along with traffic signals and turn lanes on Nagel Road at the Middleton intersection. An eastern extension of Middleton Road was constructed in 2015 and currently serves as the entrance way to the new Levin Furniture store.

The current work will continue for approximately 150 calendar days with a tentative completion date of August 15th.

15366 Location MapPlease see the attached sketch for a depiction of the construction area. Click on map to enlarge.

During the course of this work Nagel Road traffic will be restricted to one lane. Temporary traffic signals will be placed at each end of the work zone in order to allow alternating flows of traffic in each direction through the work zone. To lessen the traffic impact of this work as much as possible, Avon Road will be re-opened with two way traffic from Nagel Road in Avon to Bradley Road in Westlake. The traveling public is encouraged to use this alternate route as a way to avoid the Nagel Road construction zone.

You are urged to observe all traffic barricades, signs, warning lights and temporary signals. These control devices are there for your protection and for the protection of others. Above all, please caution children to keep a safe distance from all equipment and excavations. Construction equipment is fascinating to children, but can be very dangerous even while not in operation.

With any construction project, there are inevitably going to be inconveniences in addition to construction noise from the work that is ongoing. We will make every effort to keep these inconveniences to a minimum. Your patience during this work is greatly appreciated.

If a special need arises, please call our office number, 440-748-7483, between 8:00AM and 5:00PM or call Mike Farmer with the City of Avon at 440-937-5766.3916-SearsHomeAppliance-Ad

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