Westlake Police: $25 K Loan Taken in ID Fraud

POLICE_Westlake_DisclaimerWestlake Police report that a resident living on Waterfall Way has had a $25,000 loan taken out using his ID fraudulently. The man received a credit card and other account mail from a bank that he does not do business with on March 14. A $25,000 loan was also taken out using his ID at another bank; a second  loan from a third bank in the same amount has been frozen. He suspects it is related to a data breach at his employer.

Parole Violator Nabbed in Traffic Stop

A parolee being sought by the Adult Parole Authority (APA) for a violation of his release conditions after a drug trafficking conviction was stopped on the westbound Crocker Rd. entrance to I90 on March 13. He was held for the APA to pick up; his 16yoa male passenger from Lorain was turned over to his guardian.

Car Troubles

A dealer plate was stolen off of a 2016 Acura while it was parked at a Hilliard Blvd. home. This took place on the night of March 11.

$15.00 in change was taken from an unlocked 2012 Honda Pilot on the night of March 13. It was parked in the driveway at the owner’s Melibee Dr. home.

A Westlake man’s 2008 Acura was keyed while parked at a Cahoon Rd. home on March 14. He suspected the ex-spouse of his girlfriend; the ex denied involvement.

Joseph Burke Law_WEB4Money Matters

A Strawberry Ln. man received three credit cards in the mail that he did not apply for in Feb. and March. He found that they had been used to make some charges and contacted each bank to close the accounts. He reported the matter to WPD on March 15.

A male suspect tried to pass a counterfeit check drawn on a Columbia Rd. business on March 15. An employee of the Lorain check-cashing firm was rightfully suspicious and called the business, at which point the bad paper-hanger fled. A possible suspect has been IDed.

Party Foul

An intoxicated 32-year-old Hunters Chase man annoyed his neighbors with loud music at 11pm on March 15. He turned it down when warned by officers. An hour later, he had turned it back up, and left his door standing open. Officers returning to the scene found a pot pipe in plain view and arrested the music-lover for DCI, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, and a noise disturbance. In his cell, he tampered with the CCTV camera, earning himself an additional charge of Disrupting Public Service.

Library Fine

A Vermillion woman has failed to return $1200 worth of mostly AV materials to the Porter Library. She failed to respond to the library’s text messages and a registered letter was returned as undeliverable. When contacted by the investigating officer on March 16, she claimed that the items had been stolen in a burglary. She was advised to produce a copy of the police report.


A Hilliard Blvd. home was TP’ed and the resident’s 2002 Buick Riviera had food products poured on it on the night of March 16. Notes with vulgar drawings and references to a school feud were also left behind. The resident’s teenage student son claims to have no insight into the matter.


An intoxicated 33-year-old Westlake man gave the staff of a Main St. bar a hard time on the evening of March 17, then would not leave when asked. He was arrested for DCI.

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