Cleveland Water: ‘Know It, Love It’

A Tour of the Westlake Crown Water Treatment Plant

Cleveland Water celebrated National Drinking Water Week at the Crown Water Treatment Plant in Westlake last Saturday as about a thousand guests toured the facility at a public open house.

David Stephens with Caleb and James

David Stephens with Caleb and James

This year’s theme, Know It, Love It,  encouraged visitors to learn – and appreciate –  what it takes to provide safe, quality drinking water.

Guided plant tours were led by water quality and treatment experts who took visitors on a journey to see first-hand how drinking water is produced.

The Open House also featured a range of fun family-friendly activities, from face painting to balloons and more.

Commissioner of Cleveland Water, Alex Margevicius, joined with dozens of fellow Cleveland Water associates in leading tours and answering questions.

Dr. Jason A. Wood, Chief of Public Affairs

Dr. Jason A. Wood, Chief of Public Affairs

“The overarching message is that our drinking water is safe and great straight from the tap,” said Margevicius.

A tour of the plant demonstrated the many ways our top natural resource is protected from contaminants like lead, sediment and algae.

Cleveland Water uses surface water drawn from Lake Erie as the source of our drinking water.

The water that eventually ends up in your home starts several miles out in Lake Erie before being treated. To ensure it is safe to drink, your water goes through an extensive treatment process which includes removing small debris, filtering and disinfecting. Cleveland Water regularly collects and tests about 300 samples daily to ensure that the water customers receive meets and exceeds Federal and State drinking water standards.

Cleveland Water operates four treatment plants, including Crown, where water is made safe to drink.

The distribution system is how they deliver clean and safe water to homes and businesses located throughout Cleveland Water’s 640-square-mile service area.

Cleveland Water has an extensive distribution system – 4 primary pump stations, 11 secondary pumps stations, 22 towers and tanks, and nearly 5,200 miles of underground pipes known as water mains – all designed to deliver water throughout the service area.

A pictorial display of the Crown Water Treatment Plant.

A pictorial display of the Crown Water Treatment Plant.

Cleveland Water has invested more than $1.6 billion over the past 30 years to modernize treatment plants and the distribution system.

Most recently, Cleveland Water’s Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) projects have included a Plant Enhancement Program (PEP) – a $750-million, 15-year effort to modernize and rebuild the system’s four water treatment plants. As a result of the PEP, Cleveland Water has four state-of-the-art treatment plants to ensure safe water is available throughout its service area.

Attention now turns to water towers, tanks and pipes. The CIP includes funding for other critical projects focused on the 22 water towers and tanks and more than 5,200 miles of underground pipes necessary to deliver water to over 420,000 account holders.  With the completion of the PEP, Cleveland Water will begin investing even more capital money in these important assets.

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Crown Water Treatment Plant

DSC_5531-1The Crown Water Treatment Plant in Westlake is Cleveland Water’s only water treatment plant not located in the city of Cleveland. The plant was first put into service in 1958 and pumps an average of 41.5 million gallons of water a day to the residents and businesses of Cleveland’s West Side, including its Western and Southwestern suburbs.

From 2010 to 2013, the Crown Plant underwent significant renovations and upgrades, as part of the Plant Enhancement Project, at a cost of $15 million.  This was preceded by major improvements and capacity expansion, completed in 1997, at a cost of $122 million.

Since 1958, the Crown Plant has pressed forward to optimize operational designs and enhance water production to lead the industry in providing safe drinking water to the public.

World Class Water

IMG_2303-2In 2015, Cleveland Water’s Crown Water Treatment Plant in Westlake received the prestigious Phase IV “Excellence in Water Treatment” award from the Partnership for Safe Water Treatment Plant Optimization Program. The Crown Water Treatment Plant is one of only 16 recipients of this award across North America.  It is the only plant in Ohio, and the only plant on the Great  Lakes to receive this award.

Phase IV represents the highest possible level of performance that can be achieved in the four-phase Partnership for Safe Water program. Crown was honored for excellent performance in surpassing the required Federal standards for water quality. Cleveland Water has participated in the Partnership for Safe Water program since 1995 and was previously recognized in 2007 with the Ten-Year Director’s Award.

“This is a tremendous accomplishment and I’m proud of our team for their hard work and commitment to putting Cleveland Water above the bar,” says Commissioner Alex Margevicius. “This award reflects our philosophy of supplying water that exceeds national standards.”

Margevicius continued, “We look forward now to the capital investments in our underground infrastructure, continued customer service enhancements, and to rolling out monthly billing in the beginning of 2017.”

Cleveland Water Billing Made Simple

New monthly bills will make budgeting easier, help customers track usage and detect leaks sooner.

We have some exciting news to share with our customers. Beginning in January 2017, Cleveland Water will be transitioning our accounts from quarterly to monthly billing to help customers better manage their household budget, track their water usage and detect possible leaks sooner. Once the transition is completed, water meters will be read monthly, and all consumption and other related charges will be based on a monthly rate.

“Most households now pay for their electric, gas, cable and telephone services on a monthly basis,” said Robert L. Davis, Director of the Department of Public Utilities. “A monthly water bill is simpler for our customers and better aligns with other bill schedules to make it easier, especially for those on a fixed income, to manage monthly household finances.”

And there’s no need to worry about the cost of stamps and hassle of mailing monthly bills. Customers can easily pay their bills, fee-free, at Billing is even simpler with our paperless billing and recurring payment options which help preserve the very environment we draw our water from and reduce postage costs for everyone. Additionally, customers can view and track their water usage and history tocontrol their utility costs and keep an eye out for leaks on their property.

As we get closer to January 2017, Cleveland Water will continue to communicate everything customers need to know about our transition to monthly billing. Please watch for our bill inserts and messages, and subscribe to our blog at for more information.

CLEVELAND WATER Billing Made Simple

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