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POLICE_Westlake_DisclaimerAlert Neighbor Leads to Westlake Prowler Arrest

A prompt phone call by an observant Waterfall Way resident led to the arrest of a 20 year old Lakewood man on April 22, report Westlake Police. The suspect was seen prowling around cars on that street and also 2 hours earlier on Bradley Rd. He was charged with B&E (2 cts), Possession of Criminal Tools (flashlight, mask, and gloves), POM, and Drug Paraphernalia. Gift cards, cash, Rx meds, cellphones, and IPods were recovered from his backpack.


Two Bielebers (25 and 26 year old women) met up with a third female at a Main St. bar on April 26 to buy concert tickets that had been advertised on Craigslist. They paid $200 total; when they arrived at the Justin Bieber concert later that night, venue staff confiscated the tickets as fake. The same staff then compassionately made arrangements for the victims to see the musicale nonpareil.

Joseph Burke Law_WEB4http://www.jtburkelaw.comGift Card Shorted

A 49 year Westlake man wanted to buy a $297 gift card for $180 from a Craigslist seller on April 27. They met in a Center Ridge Rd. parking lot and completed the sale. When the victim checked the card balance a while later, it was down to $30. The victim has done business with the seller before (but he doesn’t know his name) and wrote down his license plate number.

Long Distance ID Theft

Some Texas crook opened a credit card account at a wholesale club somewhere in the Lone Star state and made purchases using a Weybridge Drive, Westlake woman’s identity. $1000 worth of purchases were also made at an unknown outdoor goods store under the same circumstances. An attempt to open a third phony account did not go through. She found out thanks to a credit monitoring service she has had ever since she was victimized in the recent Anthem corporate computer hacking. She reported the matter on April 22.

Scary Van

Two Dover Intermediate School students did not like the looks of a rusty white van driven by a white male on April 22. As they walked home from school on Settlers Reserve Way, the van followed them. The driver got out at one point as if to look for them; they ran between houses to the High School and found a teacher, who called one of the girls’ moms to come get them. The driver was described as in his 20’s and dark-complected, His sweatshirt was red and blue with a diagonal divide between the colors. His sweatpants were dark blue or black in color.

Love Birds

A 50yoa Savannah Pkwy. woman refused to give her intoxicated 59yoa live-in boyfriend the car keys on April 24, so he locked her out of the house. She also had a bruise on her arm from a scuffle earlier that date. The male was arrested for DV.

Road Rage

Road rage consumed a 45 year old Fairview Park woman and a 54 year old Bay Village woman on April 28. They exchanged obscene gestures, then confronted each other at Center Ridge and Schwartz Rds. The older woman exited her car and hit the other vehicle’s hood with her hands, then may or may not have punched the other driver. Prosecutor to rule.

Dept. of Lost Goods

A $3800 car engine diagnostic scanner was taken from an unlocked 2007 Lexus while it was parked in the owner’s Dominion Dr. driveway. The theft occurred on the night of April 17; he reported it on April 25.

Koi and goldfish worth $600 are missing from a Falkirk Dr. woman’s backyard pond; she believes a landscaper stole them sometime April 19-26.

A Westlake woman’s purse was taken from her car on April 27. It had been parked at a Queens Ct. home. She suspected that the operator of a red Pontiac Grand Am seen on the street was involved .He is described as a black male around 6/2 270lbs late 30s-early 40s.

Sometime since Sept. 2015, a Cleveland man’s boat was broken into while parked at a Detroit Rd. storage facility. Electronics, fishing gear, propulsion items, and safety equipment were taken. The owner discovered the theft on April 27.

A Westwood Rd. man found some power tools in his yard on April 27. They belonged to a neighbor, whose pickup had been rifled through. They were returned to the owner.

Bad Boy

A 12yoa Clague Rd. boy punched his 9yoa sister and hit his pregnant mom with a cutting board on April 26. He was arrested for DV and taken to the DH.

POLICE_Bay Village_DisclaimerBay Police Report Scam IRS Calls

Numerous Bay Village residents have received scam phone calls from someone claiming to be a representative of the IRS recently, report Bay Village Police. The caller was threatening to sue if the resident did not call them back and provide certain information. BVPD reminds resident to be very cautious when giving personal information out over the phone.

How to Get a Raise

On 05/04/2016, at 1601 hrs, a local business owner reported to Bay Village Police that one of her former employees had cashed the same paycheck twice. Police are investigating.

POLICE_Avon Lake_DisclaimerOverexposed in Avon Lake

Officers were sent to an anonymous complaint of an older male in a flannel shirt exposing himself in front of Giant Eagle at Avon Lake Learwood Square. Upon arrival, officers were unable to locate the male in the vicinity. Giant Eagle personnel inside the store indicated the male bought beer and was repeatedly bending over to pick up items and exposing his bare buttocks. Customers confronted him about this and he reportedly got angry with them and told them it was none of their business. A Giant Eagle employee stated the male took a shopping cart north through the parking lot to Independence Village. Contact was made with Independence Village personnel and they advised they had been having similar problems with the male inside the facility. The male reportedly has mental health and possible alcohol issues. He was contacted at his room and was wearing a flannel shirt and jeans with holes in them as described by the Giant Eagle employees. He did not appear to be intoxicated and denied that his pants had fallen down while he was at Giant Eagle despite multiple people seeing the event. He was advised against being in public or within the facility while not being properly clothed. The matter will be referred to the Avon Lake Prosecutor for review.

POLICE_Fairview Park_DisclaimerLong Gun in Fairview

Police were called to a residence in the 21900 block of Westwood Ave on a report that a male had exited a car and gone towards the residence carrying a long gun of some type on May 1. Upon arrival, officers spoke with the homeowner who was not aware of anyone having a weapon. A group could be heard in the attached garage and the owner stated his son had friends over. He complied with the officer’s request to open the garage door and speak to the group. The gun was found to be a BB gun which was supposedly going to be used to shoot tin cans. There was marijuana in plain view and two of the males in the group had large knives partially concealed on their belts. Alcoholic beverages were also present and several of the garage occupants were younger than 21 years of age. The concealed knives were confiscated. The marijuana and paraphernalia were seized as evidence and the person claiming ownership was cited for possession of marijuana. The group was advised that discharging a BB gun in City limits was prohibited. The homeowner, who knew that liquor was present with underage persons, was advised he may be charged with a “Keg Law” violation for allowing underage persons to consume alcohol on his premises.

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