Westlake Police: Hold the Ketchup! Condiment Culprits Give Westlake Car the Works

M2E1L0-0R350B362Adolescent Feud Becomes Criminal Mischief

3 suspects were caught on CCTV dumping condiments on a Hilliard Blvd. man’s 2002 Buick on the night of May 19. The home has been targeted for this sort of criminal mischief 5 times previously, beginning in February. Some sort of adolescent feud is suspected, although a teenage resident reports no squabbles with his fellow WHS students.

Left Alone

A 16yoa High School student with physical and mental disabilities had been absent for several days on May 13, and his father had not returned calls from school staff. Officers went to the Beethoven Dr. home to check the boy’s welfare and found him alone. Neighbor reported the father had left one hour earlier. Children’s Service was contacted; the father came home after another 100 minutes had passed since police arrived; he denied leaving the child unattended. The City Prosecutor will rule on a Child Endangering charge.

A 14month old girl was seen wandering in the street on Washington Way on May 19. Officers found her on her porch unsupervised and contacted mom, who was unaware of the child’s being outside. 3 previous complaints about the child being outside alone have been received; the City Prosecutor will review the case for a possible Child Endangering charge.

Joseph Burke Law_WEB4Drunken Panhandling

An intoxicated 28yoa Barberton man annoyed other patrons of a First St. business by asking for money on May 14. The rest of his party could not be located (he insisted that his girlfriend was outside smoking in the rain) and he was arrested for DCI.

Domestic Violence

A 21yoa Strongsville woman reported that her 21yoa boyfriend punched and choked her on May 12 at his Pineview Dr. home. She sought medical care at Southwest Gen. Hosp. that night and reported the assault to WPD on May 17. He was previously arrested for DV in 2013 where his mom was the victim. He pled to DC Persisting in that case and has a probation violation pending. An Assault warrant has been issued for the latest case.

A Savannah Pkwy. woman suspects her estranged husband violated a TPO issued against him by calling her 5x in 15 mins. and yelling vulgarities on May 19.

Still Unemployed

A 20yoa Cleveland man applying for a job at a Bassett Rd. company on May 16 gave up his employment dreams and stole a tablet at the end of the interview. When confronted by staff, he nearly ran one over in his haste to escape getting a job. His completed job application and copy of his driver’s license have proven very valuable in IDing him.


TX dry gulchers or bushwhackers slung credit card applications instead of six-guns, opening accounts in the name of a Weybridge Dr. woman. They were able to charge up $2000 each on two accounts; 3 further applications were declined. She reported the varmint’s handiwork on May 16.

Fresh Breath

A certain brand of breath mints is advertised as “curiously strong”; so are the pain-killing effects of 8 Oxycodone pills that a patrolman noticed inside a tin of that particular product in an I90 traffic violator’s vehicle on May 16. The driver (31yoa Cleveland man) was arrested for Drug Abuse.


PENTAX ImageA Cleveland man’s 2008 Kia Spectra was broken into on the night of May 16 on Westford Cr. His car stereo, engine analyzer, and CDs (total value $2800) were stolen. Fingerprints were lifted for analysis by BCI.

A black female stole clothing worth an est. $400-500 from a Crocker Park Bl. store on May 15; she made her escape in a white Pontiac Grand Am with a temp tag along I90 eastbound. That vehicle was driven by a black male who fled when signaled to stop by a WPD officer. The pursuit was called off near the McKinley Rd. exit.

A 16yoa Westlake boy’s wallet was stolen from a cubbyhole at the Rec. Center on May 16. It contained cash and a credit card.

2 big screen TVs were taken from a Laughlin Ln. home during a May 16 move. One of the three movers involved did not show up for work the next day.

Someone having a nic fit stole a pack of coffin nails from an unlocked 1999 Toyota Sienna on the night of May 16. It was parked at the owner’s Hunters Chase Dr. home.

A $150 GPS was filched from an unlocked 2011 Ford F150 on the night of May 16; it was parked at the owner’s Clague Rd. home. A cell phone and Rx meds were taken from an unlocked 2010 Toyota Tundra on the same block.

120744-1Also on the night of May 16, all 4 wheels were stolen off of a Beachwood woman’s 2014 Toyota Corolla. It had been parked at a Bobby Ln. address. Loss is estimated at $1000. An unlocked Mazda 323 parked on Roanoke Way had the owner’s wallet (containing cash and credit cards) taken out of it; one of the credit cards was used repeatedly at a Cleveland gas station.

Workers arriving to open a Detroit Rd. business on May 19 found that the door glass had been broken and $75 cash stolen. Two former employees are possible suspects.

Power lawn tools worth $1100 were taken from a Coes Post Run garage sometime May 17-19. The overhead door may have been left open.

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