‘High Noon’ in Armed Westlake Traffic Altercation


A traffic altercation on May 24 at 12:01 p.m. (note the time) between two concealed carry permit holders led to the arrest of 67 year-old William KEENER of Westlake near the Crocker Road and Detroit Road intersection of Westlake.



KEENER pulled up alongside a vehicle occupied by a 64 year old Westlake female driver and her 71 year old husband-passenger. Words were exchanged, and KEENER deliberately crashed his vehicle into the couple’s several times, say police.

Both then pulled over on Detroit Rd, east of Crocker Rd. KEENER exited his vehicle and approached the other one in an agitated manner while threatening to kill the occupants; the male passenger then picked up his holstered weapon and announced that he had a concealed carry permit.

KEENER then announced that he too had a concealed carry permit and reached for a .45 cal Kimber semiautomatic pistol he had in his waistband; he then dared the other man to draw.

Five Westlake Police officers responded before any gunfire or further physical violence occurred and separated the two men.

A second .45cal Kimber semiautomatic pistol was found in the passenger compartment of KEENER’s vehicle. Both weapons were taken as evidence.

KEENER was arrested for Felonious Assault x2, Agg. Menacing x 2, Possession of Criminal Tools x2, Criminal Damaging, and Criminal Mischief. His bond has been set at $5000 and a protection order issued to keep him away from the victims. His next court date is 6-2-16 in the Rocky River Municipal Court.

He is in the Westlake City jail as of this writing.


On person weapon


Passenger compartment weapon


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