St. Paul Ice Cream Social and Duct Taping Ceremony

IMG_0724-9Students at St. Paul Lutheran School received an ice cream treat last Thursday and also celebrated a reward as they watched Principal Dale Lehrke get Duct Taped to a wall.

This celebration rewarded the school body for their outstanding response to the National Junior Honor Society’s (NJHS) Book Drive Fundraiser.

IMG_0745-10During the school year, the NJHS members challenged the school to collect 1,300 books for students at The Village Prep School.

The NJHS students asked Principal Lehrke for an extra challenge. He offered to be duct taped to the wall if they doubled the number of books. The students responded by exceeding the challenge with a total number of books collected over 3,000!

NJHS members Paris Mather (Salutatorian) and Nolan Ragland (Valedictorian) received the honor of removing the chairs from under Mr. Lehrke. (Picture IMG_0724.jpg Pictured with Mr. Lehrke from floor left: Paris Mather Salutatorian, Jeremiah Stover, and Nolan Ragland, Valedictorian.) The duct tape held him for 1 minute before he came down!

Pictures taken and Article Submitted by Diane Konyk, Technology Educator, St. Paul Lutheran School.