So Long, Rose! Beloved Bay School Guard Retires after 35 Years


The City of Bay Village is saying goodbye to one of its finest ambassadors, Rose the School Guard.DSC_1334-3

Rose, a fixture at the corner of West Oviatt and Cahoon Road, is retiring from duty after 35 years on the job.

She has been one of Bay Village’s most recognized and friendliest faces for all that time.

She not only made sure students got to and from school safely each day, but also offered a warm and friendly smile to motorists who passed through her lovingly-guarded intersection. “You never know when someone might be having a bad day and could use a smile,” she said yesterday during one of her last shifts of work.

“This job was never a burden. I enjoyed it. So many wonderful children and families!” said Rose. She applied for the position all those years ago at the invitation of then-Police Chief James Gray in 1981.

Rose has since devoted the years to caring for Bay’s pedestrian students, ensuring that each and everyone was safely escorted across the street. Her shifts were difficult as she had to return duty three and even four times a day to juggle different school schedules in all kinds of weather. But she loved the work and gained the love of countless Bay families through the years, evenDSC_1337-6 serving the children of parents who once crossed her paths years ago.

Now it is on to less scheduling and more time to do the things she wants. “My children asked if I wanted to go on a vacation, but I said I would rather just do some things around the house,” she said. “Maybe next year.”

“I have been very fortunate to share this corner on Cahoon Rd with Rose the school guard, for almost 35 years!!” says neighbor Kathy Cavanaugh. “Everyone loves her! She is always smiling, even in the worst of weather conditions! Rose is retiring on 6/02 which is so fitting, since that is my address!! If you drive by Rose, please give her a shout out, wishing her well on her retirement!! Thank you Rose, for safely crossing our Bay Village kids for all these years!”LANDMARK  jpg


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