Eagle’s Nest Takes Second at State Competition

Avon SchoolsAvon High School’s Eagle’s Nest newspaper was honored with a second-place award at the recent Ohio Scholastic Media Association (OSMA) state competition for “Best Newspaper.” Avon has consistently ranked in the top three at the state competition. Solon High School took home first place honors.

Senior Emily Robertson is the newspaper’s editor-in-chief, senior Alexis Dill and junior Sierra Pabon are the assistant editors, and junior Kayla Graham is the layout editor. Approximately 20 students contribute articles throughout the school year. Avon High School teacher Michele Frederick is the newspaper adviser.

Individual writers from the Eagle’s Nest staff took home state honors including:

  • Junior Julia Maddock received “excellent” for her general feature story, “Gender Plays Major Role in Education.”
  • Senior Alexis Dill received “excellent” for her commentary, “Seniors Slow Down and Smell the Roses.”

“A majority of students are new to journalism,” said Frederick. “The class is run with me as the adviser, and that is the role that I play. I do not chose the stories nor do I decide on spins. The students work together to edit and revise to get the stories to be publishable. I am given a final, fully developed paper which at the end I review, critique and then submit to the printer. Ours is a “prior review paper” which means that our administration has final say in all that is printed. In addition, we are self-funded. No financial assistance is given to us, as is the case with many schools in this area. All money comes from ad sales and subscription.”

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