Faithful Fido Saves Owner in Westlake

Faithful Fido’s barking at 12:11 a.m  on June 20 in Westlake may have annoyed a neighbor, but it  also led to the rescue of a 66 year old Bobby Lane woman on June 20. Her dogs were creating a ruckus, the officer sent to check on it found the woman insensible on the floor of her home after hearing her call for help and forcing the door. She was transported to St. John Medical Center by WFD for a head injury. A family member was contacted to secure the residence and maybe give the pooches a biscuit. Alcohol use may have been a factor.POLICE_Westlake_Disclaimer

‘And Away We Go….’

Somebody went to town on a Hilliard Blvd. man’s credit card. It was used 10 times in May in “the sun and fun capital of the world” (per entertainer Jackie Gleason) at $100 a pop. He reported the fraud on June 17 after reviewing his statement. As Gleason also used to say on his weekly TV show, “And away we gooo….”

Break-in Spree

7 vehicles were rifled through, broken into, or damaged on Westford Cr. on the night of June 21. A resident reported that his truck had been gone through with nothing taken. Officers checked the area and left notes on the vehicles which appeared to have been tampered with. Credit cards, a rack for a kayak (value $1000), backpack, $500 laptop, 4 tires and wheels from a 2009 Honda Civic, and clothing were stolen. An unsuccessful attempt was made to steal a bike rack off a 2014 VW GTI.

Mulligans at Meadowood

A Wyndgate Dr. man’s 2015 Nissan Altima was taken for the wrong kind of drive on the Meadowood (not Bushwood) golf course on the night of June 19. An employee (not Carl Spackler) found it parked there after it was used to turf the 9th green. After WPD towed it, the owner (not Al Czervik) was contacted; he stated his 33yoa  had been using it. The son said his 33yoa girlfriend  had been driving it. She said two other dudes  had been driving it. Finally, one of them (28yoa Westlake man and not Spaulding Smails) admitted he had been the driver. The prosecutor will rule on potential Criminal Damage charges. Judge Elihu Smails has recused himself from hearing the case, should one go forward.  “Gambling is illegal at Bushwood sir, and I never slice,” said Smails.

Some story!

A Roanoke Way woman had water put in the gas tank of her 2013 Ford Edge by an ex-beau on June 18. That 49 year old Westlake man is not taking their breakup well and claimed he watered her gasoline to keep her from driving drunk. Prosecutor to rule on Criminal Damaging.

Miscellaneous Mayhem

A Clark Pkwy. woman was notified by her bank of a suspicious June 15 purchase ($811) on her credit card. She closed the account and reported the matter to WPD on June 17.

A parcel containing clothing was swiped from a Dellwood Dr. porch on June 16. It was found on Bryandale Dr. missing 2 items worth $79.00.

A black male and black female stole 5 pairs of sunglasses worth $1455 from a Crocker Pk. Blvd. store on June 17.

A 35yoa Westlake woman stole merchandise worth $34 from a Detroit Rd. store on June 18. She was suspected of previous thefts by staff, who detained her until WPD arrived. She was arrested for Petty Theft.

A North Royalton woman left the window down on her 2014 Chevrolet Cruze while it was parked at a Stonehedge Dr. home on the night of June 18. Her purse containing cash, credit cards, and headphone was taken. One of the credit cards was used at an uncertain location in Cleveland to make a $167.00 purchase.

A Newbury man parked his 2003 VW Passat at an Annie Ln. home on June 18 with a window down. The next morning, a book bag and headphone (total value $295) were missing.

A $179 pair of sunglasses were shoplifted from a Crocker Park Blvd. store on June 19. A black male wearing a neon green ball cap, plaid shorts, and a wht/green shirt pocketed them and left the building.

A Bay Village man’s 2007 Saturn Vue was stolen from a Westford Cr. home on June 20. His 16yoa daughter snuck out of a sleepover and paid a visit to a male resident there. His cousins took the keys and car, then returned it (with a trunk full of cockroaches) after WPD got involved. On June 21, the cousins were arrested at the same residence. A 20yoa Cleveland man was charged with GTA and a 21yoa Cleveland man with Obstructing Justice for giving false ID about the 20yoa.

A 16yoa medina girl stole items worth $60 from a Detroit Rd. store on June 20. Store personnel caught her; she was arrested for Petty Theft and turned over to her mom.

A 41yoa North Olmsted man rear-ended another vehicle driven by a Lakewood woman on June 20. The crash occurred on Center Ridge Rd. and a female passenger in the male’s car ran from the scene. He initially denied having any passengers, then eventually came clean. The woman ran due to an active warrant from Olmsted Township PD. The male driver was arrested for Obstructing Official Business and cited for Assured Clear Distance.

Two doors were damaged on a Center Ridge Rd. building sometime June 12-22. No entry was gained to the interior.

A Roseland Way man is selling his SUV on the Internet. A “buyer” after some back and forth texts, claimed to have wired the purchase price plus $1300 for shipping to the victim’s online payments account, with instructions to forward the overage to a “shipper”. The victim did so, then received a demand for another $1050 for “customs duties”. At this point, the jig was up and the victim came forward on June 22.

A 70yoa S. Melrose Dr. man got a call from a phony rep of a computer software company on June 22.  “Patrick Simmons” (also not the Doobie Bros. guitarist) advised the victim that his computer was infected; for only $537, access to his computer, and his bank account numbers, the malware could be removed. The victim provided all that information; fortunately his son came over, shut off the computer, and called the bank before any money was transferred.

An impaired 59yoa Lorain woman rolled her 2009 Ford Escape after hitting the median on Crocker Rd. on the morning of June 23. WFD had to cut her out and took her to St. John Medical Center for possible minor injuries. She was cited for OVI, Left of Center, and Left of Center.

A 23yoa homeless woman showed up drunk at her mother’s Canterbury Rd. home on June 23. She is not wanted there and was arrested for DCI.


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