ATM Taken in Westlake Gas Station Robbery

A white van crashed through the front of the BP gas station at 25466 Detroit Rd. on July 10 at 5:10 a.m., report Westlake Police, and the ATM machine inside the store was pulled from its foundation and loaded into the van.123763-2

An employee, a 49yoa Cleveland woman, preparing to open for business took cover out of sight and called 911. She can be heard breathlessly whispering to the dispatcher in her 911 call that the men were in the store at the time. The 3 or possibly 4 masked suspects pulled the Citibank ATM loose from its foundation and loaded it into the van. The van then left a trail of broken glass as it proceeded onto I-90 eastbound.

The value of the ATM and its contents are being determined.

This BP was previously burgled in 2013, also  to remove the ATM, report Police. 123760-1 BPvanATM-3


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