Pre-Kindergarten to Start at Westside Christian Academy

Kourtney Sladek to Lead Program for 4-Year-Olds; Registration is Open; Class Starts September 6

Kourtney Sladek reading to children

Kourtney Sladek reading to children

What exactly should a parent look for in a pre-kindergarten program? It was the question Kourtney Sladek, Westside Christian Academy’s (WCA) new pre-kindergarten teacher, knew parents would be asking and it guided her in designing the program. The answer also was meaningful because she too is the parent of a preschooler.

“Was it more important to me that they be able to recite letter sounds? To name an octagon? To make cute crafts for holidays,” Sladek asked. “But what if my goal for my child was not to compete with the world but to lay a strong, meaningful foundation for education? What if I desired to have my children learn truths about God and themselves not the confusing deluge of information about holidays, cultures, and religions that most preschools offer?”

The pre-kindergarten program will run three days a week: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 8:30 am – 11:00 am for children who are 4 years old by August 1, 2016. The program will offer developmentally appropriate academics that recognize the nature of these young children as God created them in an environment that points them to Jesus Christ.

Kourtney Sladek

Kourtney Sladek

Registration is open now. First day of class is Tuesday, September 6.

“We eagerly anticipate our pre-kindergarten class led by an exceptional early childhood educator. For three mornings per week, these four-year olds will have an enriching experience that introduces them and their families to the richness of a classical and Christian education,” said Jim Whiteman, Headmaster at WCA.

Sladek said they will focus on the process of learning with the goal of students loving the Lord and to love learning. They will spend time reading the works of great authors, engaging with math in ways they can touch and see, and exploring the world in a manner that is meaningful and relevant to them.

Loving to learn with all classes taught from a Biblical worldview is an approach that every child enrolled in WCA’s classical curriculum experiences. The school, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary, is adding both the Pre-K program to the Grammar School (Pre-K – grade 6) and grade 10 to the Upper School (grades 7-12) this fall. The curriculum includes a strong emphasis on grammar, logic, rhetoric and Latin as well as history, science, mathematics and the arts.

“This approach will prepare them not just for beginning a classical education but for a lifetime of seeking wisdom,” said Sladek. “The unique culture of WCA means opportunities to learn from, work with and get to know older students.” The students form “family groups” with older children leading the younger ones in various activities and special events during the school year. It gives the younger students a sense of belonging and the older ones have an opportunity to practice the leadership skills they are learning.

The school also encourages parents to be involved in the education of their children, coming alongside them as a partner. Pre-kindergarten will not be an exception.

“Parents can be involved in their child’s learning process, coming in to volunteer and assist in the classroom so they can see a new side of their child, meet their peers, and develop relationships with other families,” said Sladek.

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About Westside Christian Academy

WCA LogoWestside Christian Academy is an inter-denominational classical and Christian school with a Grammar School for Pre-K-6 and an Upper School for Grades 7-12 in Cleveland’s western suburb of Westlake. Our mission is to integrate biblical truth with academic excellence so that our students will become leaders who are committed to impacting the world for Jesus Christ. We partner with Christian parents in raising their children “in training and instruction of the Lord” (Ephesians 6:4)

Using a classical curriculum and methodologies, our academic program includes a strong emphasis on grammar, logic, rhetoric and Latin as well as history, science, mathematics and the arts. Through a lens of a Biblical worldview grounded in the Old and New Testament Scriptures, we teach children to think and learn for a lifetime, cultivate Biblical character and leadership, and strive to shepherd a child’s heart, not just behavior.

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