Westlake Family Fleeced for $100K in Facebook Scam

A Laura Lane couple in Westlake invested $100,000 with a Facebook friend who promised a 1000 per cent return on their money.  Other family members kicked in another $40,000, all the funds were wired to Hong Kong.

POLICE_Westlake_DisclaimerDespite the promise of high returns on the investments, other family members told them they had been defrauded, report Westlake Police. The incident was reported on July 20.

Duped in iTunes Scam

Since July 5, three Westlake residents have been duped by phony IRS callers into paying their “back taxes” with ITunes gift cards, report Westlake Police.

One man sent $400 on July 5, then was dispatched on a wild goose chase to meet an IRS lawyer at a nearby courthouse.

A female bought $3400 worth of I Tunes cards on July 13 and gave the card numbers to the caller.

A second female bought $7000 also on July 13 and gave the card info to the scam caller.

ALERT: The IRS will never 1) call you and demand immediate payment and/or 2) demand or accept I Tunes cards as payment.

Uncle Sam has little use for the latest from whoever is number one with a bullet on the Billboard Hot 100.

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