Fast Food Rage at Westlake Drive-Thru

Fast food rage got the best of a 52 year old  Delaware, Ohio man on July 29. Westlake Police report he deliberately bumped a 34 year old Cleveland woman’s car with his 2003 Ford pickup in the drive-through lane of the McDonalds on Detroit Rd. near Crocker Rd. when he thought she had cut in line ahead of him. He was cited for Wanton and Willful Disregard of Safety. No one was injured. Not exactly the sort of ‘Pay it Forward’ that you like to read about!POLICE_Westlake_Disclaimer

DV at CP

A passing patrolman heard a 31yoa Elyria woman yelling for help on Market St. on July 30. Her intoxicated on/off live-in boyfriend (27yoa Cleveland man) had been choking her. He has previously been convicted of DV against her and has another DV case pending in Elyria. He was arrested for felony DV, DCI, Resisting Arrest, and a warrant from Wickliffe PD.

Bogus Buys

A Halls Carriage Path man found that someone opened a credit account at a PA bank and made $6000 worth of purchases. Two other attempts to open accounts with a bank and a jeweler were unsuccessful. He reported the frauds on July 29.

Can’t Take No for an Answer

A 21 yoa Westlake man was visiting his 26 yoa brother-in-law at a Detroit Rd. apartment on July 29. When another visitor (20yoa Westlake woman) turned him down for a date, the younger man hit her and his brother-in-law. He was arrested for DV. The woman declined prosecution for an Assault.


A 23yoa homeless man created a disturbance on July 31. He had been escorted from a construction site and business on Market St. and was screaming at their security guards. He was arrested for Disorderly Conduct Persisting when he refused to leave the property.

Bad Temper

A 45yoa Center Ridge Rd. man threatened to kill his 49yoa wife and her brother on July 30, and then left the house. The City Prosecutor ruled that he would be charged with DV.

An intoxicated 51yoa Westlake man showed up at his daughter’s Caroline Cr. home on August 1. He threatened to hit her and was arrested for DCI and DV.


Sometimes May-July 30, the AC condenser was taken from the basement of a foreclosed house on Rustic Ln. The caretaker discovered the theft. Loss is estimated at $500.00.

2 leaf blowers and a power washer were stolen from a Clemens Rd. business on July 31. A former employee is a possible suspect.

A GPS and headphones were taken from a Walter Rd. man’s unlocked 2005 Hyundai Sonata on July 31. The car was also dented and scratched.

All 4 wheels were stolen off of a Detroit Rd. woman’s 2016 Toyota Corolla on the night of Aug. 1.


A 41yoa Vermillion man blew through a red light on Crocker Rd. on July 30. When stopped, he was found to be with a 39yoa Vermillion woman who has a TPO against him. He was arrested for a TPO Violation and cited for the red light.

A barefoot intoxicated 37yoa Mexican national was found looking into Detroit Rd. store windows on August 1. He was held until sober and then turned over to the Border Patrol.

A 25yoa Lorain man was stopped on I90 for no front plate on August 3. He tried to pass himself off as his brother. When his true identity was known, he was found to have a felony warrant from Lorain Co. He was also charged with Obstructing Official Business and cited for the plate violation and for DUS.  

A 46yoa Sandusky man has been observed stealing merchandise from Giant Eagle on July 20, July 25, and Aug. 1. He uses his Advantage card to go through the self-checkout line, but only rings up a few of his selections. This of course yields his identity as well. Estimated loss is $750; a Petty Theft warrant is being sought.

A Bedford woman’s 2007 Mazda M6 had the passenger rear window broken with a brick. Her purse containing credit cards, gift cards, and keys was taken. The theft occurred at her Clague Rd. workplace.


A 30yoa North Olmsted man punched an ER staffer at St. John Medical Center on Aug. 5. He was highly intoxicated and had been in a bar fight in North Olmsted. He will be charged with Assault upon his release from the hospital.

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