Gassed Mom Rams Service Station, Child Endangering Charged in Westlake

It wasn’t just the driver who got smashed on Aug. 5 when a 35 year old Westlake mom got gassed and then plowed into the side of a Dover Center Road gas station on Aug. 5, report Westlake Police.

124766-1With her 9 year old son on board,  Police report the woman fled the scene back to her Pineview Drive home. Officers found a trail of vehicle fluids in the driveway and the damaged 2013 Dodge Durango in the garage. She was arrested for OVI and refused to give a breath sample. No explanation on how the gas station got in the way of the vehicle. The boy got a fat lip from the crash. Mom got an additional Child Endangering and a Hit-Skip charge.

Family Feuds  

A 43yoa Hidden Acres man and his 19yoa son argued over the son’s refusal to take a drug test on August 5. The son knocked dad down and put him in a chokehold. Sonny was arrested for DV.

An Aug. 6 family BBQ at a Dover Center Rd. home led to a broken window and arrests. An intoxicated 22yoa North Olmsted man and his intoxicated 23yoa cousin fought; the younger man swung on the older one and missed, breaking the passenger window on the hostess’s (his aunt’s) 2002 Chevrolet pickup. He was taken to St. John Medical Center for treatment of minor injuries; warrants for DCI and Criminal Damaging have been issued for him. The older cousin was arrested for DCI and Obstructing Official Business. He claimed to have been fighting with a male who fled on a bicycle and that his minor injuries and state of exhaustion were from falling down after running a race (and not at all related to drinking).

Pootie and Scooter Go ShoppingPOLICE_Westlake_Disclaimer

$5200 worth of sweatshirts and pants were stolen from a Main Street store at Crocker Park in Westlake on Aug. 5 by a male and female.  Staff provided a license plate number, report Westlake Police.

When officers went to the Cleveland residence where it was registered, they were told that the neighbor, “Pootie,” was using it.

While the officers were down the street trying to find “Pootie,” the vehicle owner then reported that “Scooter” (whose real name and address he does not know, despite them being “like family”) was using it while the owner drove a rental car.

A female resident of “Pootie” house helpfully opined that it was a police job to determine who had the getaway car.

A $400 autographed photo of baseball players was taken from a Remington Dr. man’s apartment. He reported the theft on Aug. 6 and suspects a former maint. man for the complex.

Crocker Park Blues

A Bay Village woman’s laptop was taken from a Main St. restaurant on Aug. 3. She reported it stolen on Aug. 5 and then tracked it through a phone app to a Parma pawn shop. On Aug. 6, it was tracked to another Bay Village home whose residents denied it was there. Investigation continues.

Plunder List

A check belonging to a Fallen Oaks woman was stolen, forged, and cashed on Aug. 4. The suspect was identified as the cleaning woman’s 35yoa son. He confessed on Aug. 8 and was arrested for Theft and Forgery.

A $400 black Nishiki 27” bike was stolen from a Westown Blvd. residence on Aug. 6. It was unlocked and has red/silver stripes.

A Rose Rd. woman suspect the cable guy stole her Rx meds on Aug. 5 while he was doing work at her home.

A $950 jacket was taken from a Main St. store on Aug. 7. No suspects.

A Wyndgate Ct. man’s $3500 watch was stolen on Aug. 8 from his home. He suspects that an overnight female houseguest whom he met on an internet dating site took it. She denies that.

A Clemens Rd. business shipped $2600 worth of merchandise to a CA address on July 16. The same buyer ordered the same items again on Aug. 3, which gave an employee pause. He did some checking and found that the credit card used had been cancelled for fraud. The second order was not shipped. The matter was reported on Aug. 10.

A Westlake man’s bag was stolen on Aug. 10 from a Market St. gym locker room. Some of his property was found shortly thereafter in a garbage can. His cell phone and watch (total value $1200) were not located.

A Main St. store clerk was bamboozled by a quick change artist on Aug. 10. After a series of transactions, the store was out $145. The store will check the CCTV system for any recordings of the theft.

An Elyria man’s $400 cellphone was stolen from his Detroit Rd. place of employment on Aug. 10. It was tracked by a phone app to Westlake and Euclid locations. He suspects an unknown coworker took it.


A 19yoa Cleveland woman waiting for her bus in front of her Center Ridge Rd. jobsite was assaulted by 2 18yoa Cleveland women on Aug. 11. The victim was treated at St. John Medical Center for scratches, bumps and a fat lip. The fight arose over the victim keeping in touch with one suspect’s boyfriend. Assault warrants are being obtained.

Storm Summary

Aug. 11 heavy weather summary: 21 tree down calls, 15 wire down calls.


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