Avon Honors Family Legacies

CityofAvonAvon Mayor Bryan Jensen paused during this summer’s hustle and bustle to pay tribute to two families that bring the real treasure to Avon – the values of family and community.

He presented proclamations to Ed and Megan McNamara of the Prayers from Maria Foundation and also the long-time Avon Hricovec family for lifetimes of civic contributions.

Mayor Jensen and City Council named the sunflower as the the official flower of the city of Avon at the Aug. 9 meeting of City Council.

In presenting a proclamation to Ed and Megan McNamara, founders of the Prayers from Maria Children’s Glioma Cancer Foundation, Jensen recognized their philanthropic work in battling childhood cancer. Their sunflower field along I-90 at Jaycox Road has become a nationally-recognized Avon landmark. Mayor Jensen cited “the honor we have of being a part of what goes on there,” as a civic treasure. The McNamaras lost their daughter, Maria, to cancer seven years ago and have since dedicated their foundation to finding a cure.

City Council also presented a Living Legacy Award honor to the families of Bill and Tom Hricovec. The honor is in recognition of the tradition of community within the city of Avon. Mayor Jensen remarked that, as he contemplated a recipient for the the award, “I immediately came to thinking of the Hricovec family,” Jensen said. He said a review of old newspaper clippings reminded him of their hard work in contributing to community events over the years. “You give until it hurts and you never make a big deal out of it,” said Jensen.

The family mission of giving back at events like the St. Mary Oktoberfest lives on through the families of Bill and Tom, prompting Mayor Jensen to invite several generations of Hricovec’s to come forward for a moment in the spotlight.

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