Bay Police Find $30 Grand in Troubled Man’s Backpack

Bay Village Police responded to a call received by Westlake Police about an unknown problem taking place at Clague and Wolf Road on Sept. 22 at 1958 hours.

Bay Police were dispatched to the scene in response to the 911 call. They found a male in the area who appeared to be in crisis.  The male was carrying two realistic-looking pellet guns and a small back pack with $30,000 in cash.  The male was stating that terrorist were chasing him and wanted to kill him.  He was transported to a local hospital for an evaluation.Bay Village Police_FEAT

Lockout Leads to Weed Bust

On 09/21/2016, at 1711hrs, a motorist called the station to request assistance with a vehicle lockout, because he accidentally locked his keys inside his car at Cahoon Park.  When the officer unlocked and opened his car door, a strong and distinct odor of marijuana emanated from the interior of the vehicle.  The male operator admitted to having marijuana inside his car and the vehicle was searched.  A small amount of marijuana and a marijuana pipe was located inside the car and confiscated.  The male was cited for possession of marijuana.

Mystery Accident

On 09/21/2016, at 0227hrs, a the station received a call from Avon Lake PD reporting they received a phone call from a resident on Plymouth Drive in our city reporting a loud crashing sound. A search of the area found a fire hydrant had been struck by a vehicle with debris from the vehicle strewn on the roadway and tree lawn. A search of the surrounding could not locate the suspect vehicle.

Cycle Wreck

On 09/23/2016, at 1356hrs, units were dispatched to intersection of Lake and Cahoon Roads on a report of a motorcycle accident.  The motorcyclist was not injured, but the motorcycle had to be towed from the scene. A motor vehicle accident report was taken.


On 09/24/16, at 0028hrs, an officer made a traffic stop on a vehicle for a moving violation. Subsequently, the operator was subjected to sobriety testing and arrested for O.V.I. The male operator submitted to breath testing and .169 BAC was obtained.

Domestic Disturbance

On 09/24/16, at 1016hrs, Officers were dispatched to Knickerbocker Road on a reported disturbance between a male and female. A couple more calls came into the station reporting the same.  A male was located walking away from the area.  The male was agitated and uncooperative.  After completing an investigation and gathering statements, he  was arrested for menacing.


On 09/24/16, at 1526hrs, a Lake Road resident called 911 to report his house had been burglarized. Units were dispatched to the house and conducted a sweep of the house. The detective bureau was called in and processed the scene for evidence.

Beware Scam Phone Calls

The Bay Village Police Department would like to remind everyone to be aware of scam phone calls. Do not trust anyone who calls you and claims to be the IRS stating (you are going to jail), or a relative who has been arrested in another state or country and needs bail money, Microsoft technician who needs to fix your computer over the phone, Publisher’s Clearing House (you are a BIG winner, but first you must send money for handling fees), ANYONE who says you’ve won money or owe money. TRUST NO ONE!!! If it is too good or strange to be true…IT PROBABLY IS!! When in doubt call the Bay Village Police. We would be happy to help you sort it out. The scam calls to our citizens continue unabated. This will NOT stop as long as trusting people keep sending $$$$ to these devious people.

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