No Indictment in Avon Hotel 9-1-1 Call

CityofAvonAvon Mayor Bryan Jensen has released the following statement regarding the no indictment decision following an incident the end of June, 2016 that triggered a 911 response from the city’s police department.

The call came from a hotel clerk in the city who accused an Emirati visitor at the hotel’s front desk of pledging his allegiance to ISIS, according to reports.

“Although we do not know what facts were presented to the Grand Jury, we respect the group’s decision not to return an indictment. At this time, we do not intend to pursue the matter further,” said Mayor Jensen.

“As we have said from the outset, this was a very regrettable situation and we remain very sorry that Mr. Al Menhali was detained based on the false information our police department received. Had our officers received accurate information, they would have reacted differently. However, given the information they received from the 911 callers, we believe they acted appropriately and professionally to resolve this situation.

“There is a lesson in this incident for all of us who rely on our first responders to help us when we face serious threats – to ourselves, to our families, our neighbors and our property. As we all know, “When you see something, say something.” However, we must be careful to make sure those calls to 911 are based on fact, not assumptions. What someone reports to our dispatchers has a dramatic impact on how our safety officers respond. Bystanders and officers can be put in unnecessary danger by reporting false or exaggerated information.”

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