Demonized Drifter Seeks Asylum at Bay Church

A visibly troubled drifter was the subject of a call to Bay Village Police on Sept. 29 at 1912 when he disturbed neighbors by pounding at the door of Bay Methodist Church.POLICE_Bay Village_Disclaimer

Police responded and found the man claiming to have a Demon inside of him. He is described by Police as a 19-year old white male wearing sweatpants and no shirt. He had walked in pouring rain from his father’s house in Cleveland and said he was headed to a sister’s home in Lorain.

After speaking with officers this male was voluntarily transported to St. John’s Medical Center for a psychiatric evaluation.

Litter-getter Tossed from Ashton Lane

On 09/26/2016, at 2350 hrs, a resident on Ashton Lane called to complain about a white, loud older van driving around the area. Caller believes the male occupant is picking trash, but he is also singing loudly and may be impaired. A vehicle was found in the surrounding vicinity. The driver was not impaired, but did admit to “litter getting”. He was advised and sent on his way.

Thieves Nabbed on Clinton

On 09/25/2016, at 2210 hrs, the station received a call from a resident on Clinton Dr. reporting a male had just broken into the caller’s vehicle. Responding officers located two adult males from Sheffield Lake walking in the area. One was found to be in possession of property stolen from the complainant’s vehicle. The two males were arrested and subsequently charged into Rocky River Municipal Court.

Burns Auto Robbed

On 09/29/2016, at 0848 hrs, the owner of Burns Auto Service arrived at work to find someone had entered the business through a window and stolen a laptop computer and attached speakers. The detective bureau is investigating.


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