The West Shore ‘No Fly Zone’


Bay Village interim Mayor Gary Ebert

Ever wonder why there is so little airplane noise over Westlake, Bay Village and the West Shore?

It is because of an agreement forged in the 1980’s by the Council of Governments – a consortium of local communities.

Bay Village interim Mayor Gary Ebert reports that the agreement continues to protect the peace of our area in view of air traffic changes being studied by the FAA.

By using satellites and GPS routes, Cleveland and Detroit routes may be consolidated to make air travel more efficient. “They’re using satellites like a GPS to make more direct routes which is supposed to save millions of dollars in gasoline and also save time flights. However, I think it’s important that anyone moving forward with some of these types of changes being made be cognizant of the historical data. We, the City of Bay Village with Rocky River and Fairview Park, back in the early 80’s had a Safe Committee – and that was the decommissioning of the north south runway at Cleveland Hopkins Airport,” reports Ebert.

The agreement eliminated the amount of air traffic over Fairview Park, Rocky River and Bay Village because of the noise factor from low flying planes.

“You notice a lot of times when you take a trip you’re saying ‘Why didn’t we just go to the airport, we’re going over Lake Erie and coming back in?’” said Ebert. “It is because the route was designated for less disruption of houses in residential communities.”

Ebert recently reminded the FAA of the agreement. “When we mentioned that, they were unaware of the Safe Committee agreement that is still enforced today and they said they have to look at it,” said Ebert. The agreement means air traffic routes cannot simply cut corners to save time and fuel without regard to the peace of those on the ground.

“No, they can’t, ” said Ebert. “Our agreement has got to be maintained. I’m glad we raised that agreement the time of the meeting (two weeks ago), otherwise that would have been left in the dust. This new proposal will not take effect until probably 2018…We’re the next on board and they are going to consolidate Detroit and Cleveland. So it is something we need to watch very closely to make sure that although they may change the routes and save fuel and cost they also don’t want to disrupt our agreement that we have enforced.”

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