WEST SHORE BLUES: The Best of the Beats

POLICE_Westlake_DisclaimerTaking It Out on the Kid

A 33 year old Rose Rd. woman and her 57 year mother argued over the younger woman’s care of her 9 year old son on Oct. 29 after the poor little guy had called grandma because of mom’s intoxicated condition, report Westlake Police .Among other issues, mom had told the boy he was the biggest mistake of her life. When grandma came over, mom charged at her and then fell down due to her drinking. Mom was arrested for domestic violence and 696-KIDS was notified.

Why do drunk drivers always seem to find those trees in the road? An impaired 25 year Olmsted Township man lost control of his 2004 Pontiac Vibe on Oct. 30. He hit a pole and mailbox on the north side of Westwood Rd., then crashed into a tree on the south side. He was cited for OVI, Failure to Control, Possession of Marijuana, Open Container, and Misconduct at an Emergency (after taking a swing at a paramedic).

Happy Wanderer

Thank goodness for a good samaritan who spotted a shoeless 4 year old in PJs wandering the streets of Westlake on Oct. 28. The 4 year old Dover Center Rd. girl woke up on Oct. 28 and left the house after her mom had departed to drive her husband to work with a 12 year old sister still asleep. The passing Good Samaritan corralled the happy wanderer until officers arrived. The child was able to guide them back to her home. Mom was advised to put a better containment strategy in place.

Kids Left in Car

A 25 year old North Olmsted woman left her 5 and 1 year old children unattended in her car at a Center Ridge Rd. business on Oct. 29. Another customer noticed that they were crying. A witness stated that they were left unsupervised for 15 minutes. Mom says it was 5 minutes. Prosecutor to rule.

Hands to Himself

A patron of a Main St. restaurant did not care for the actions of the intoxicated 63 year old Westlake man sitting on the next bar stool on Oct. 29. The patron complained that the other man had his hand in his own underpants. The Westlake man was arrested for DCI. Word of advice: Never shake hands with that guy.

Fraud Follies

  • Fraud follies continue, so guard your identities, folks. On Oct. 28, a Clemens Rd. business reported that $1828 in purchases had been charged to its account at a Cleveland business. That transaction took place on Oct. 19 and was made without the actual credit card being present.
  • A Weybridge Dr. couple reported that 3 credit card accounts have been opened in their names and that $1359 in purchases was charged to a fourth account; the latter occurred in NJ. They reported the ID thefts on Oct. 29.
  • A Hidden Acres Dr. man wired $800 to New Hampshire for World Series game 6 tickets that were advertised on Craigslist. When they did not arrive by game day, he reported the fraud on Nov. 1.
  • A Detroit Rd. man’s bank contacted him about 4 charges totaling $1470 that were made on his account on Nov. 1. He had no idea who might have made them, nor who might have had another $500 purchase declined.

Toilet Fire

Students complained of a smoky smell in a men’s room at Westlake High School on Oct. 20. A commode had been stuffed with toilet paper and set alight. It burned itself out; CCTV footage led to a 17 year male student who admitted he set the fire. He was charged with Arson and PCT (lighter used to start the fire).

A 24 year Rocky River man was reported to be tooling along I-90 westbound with one flat tire on Oct. 22. He exited at Crocker Rd. and got back on I-90 eastbound, now with 2 flats on his 2010 Nissan Frontier. He failed to stop when signaled by a Westlake officer. A third tire was flattened by stop sticks near Clague Rd. and the driver pulled over. He gave a .247 breath sample. He may also be a suspect in a hit-skip of a sign in Avon; his vehicle had damage consistent with such a collision. He faces OVI and BAC charges, as well as Unsafe Vehicle and Failing to Stop when Signaled.

Woman Scorned

Hell hath no fury! A 40 year old Cleveland woman came to her husband’s Detroit Rd. workplace on Oct. 21 in a fit. She apparently objected to his filing for divorce and let the air out of his tires while texting her intentions to him. She also threw a cup of coffee at him. He says she hit him with her car; she says he fell while she was chasing him on foot. She was arrested for DV.

Drinking Problem

3 prior OVI convictions since 2013 plus another OVI arrest on Oct. 23 equals a felony charge for a 21year old Oberlin man. He was stopped for an equipment violation on Center Ridge Road in Westlake. Cradled in his lap was an open bottle of whiskey. He refused a breath test.

Bad Dude

A 26 year old Westlake man was hanging around a Dover Center Rd. business on Oct. 26. When checked out by officers, he gave false ID info in order to avoid having a Westlake Police warrant served on him. His canard was soon discovered, as was the suspected heroin in his pocket, hypos, and knife. He also had 2 credit cards, a driver’s license, and welfare card belonging to a Cleveland man. He was charged with Drug Possession, CVW, RSP x 2, and MisID.

Garage Beer Theft

TBT garage theft time on Oct. 27 when a 15 year old Avon Lake girl and 16 year old Westlake boy went on a garage-prowling expedition along Sherwood Dr. in Westlake and in North Olmsted. Beer was taken from open garages in 2 instances; the suspect vehicle was stopped on Brantwood Dr., where some of the stolen alcohol had been tossed into the street. The male was arrested for Burglary, POM, CVW (a knife), and Drug Paraphernalia. The female was arrested for Burglary and Drug Paraphernalia.

police_bay-village2_disclaimerPotted at Harry Potter Party

Bay Village officers on routine patrol found a male in Cahoon Park after the 11PM closing time on Oct. 31 at 0037 hours. The 19-year-old resident was arrested for Underage Alcohol Prohibitions. During booking back at the police station the male admitted to drinking beers after attending a Harry Potter trivia contest at Case Western Reserve University. He was released on personal bond to a sober adult.

  • Bay officers were dispatched to the report of an accident at Lake and Upland Roads on Oct. 31 at 1300 hrs. During the course of investigating events it was determined that one of the drivers did not have a driver’s license or insurance. Additionally the 55-year-old Avon Lake resident was found to be wanted by Westlake PD. He was arrested and transported from the scene of the accident to their station.
  • Bay officers were dispatched to CVS on the report of a white male talking to himself, possibly intoxicated on Nov. 4 at 1846 hrs,. The 48-year-old Bay Village resident was found to have been “huffing” chemicals he had stolen. He was arrested and later transported from the Bay Village Jail to Fairview Hospital. The case is currently under investigation.

POLICE_Fairview Park_DisclaimerTerror on I-480

North Olmsted Police radioed Fairview Police about their attempt to stop a wrong way driver on I-480 west bound on Nov. 6 at 0237 hours. The car drove around police units near Great Northern Blvd, and continued east in the west bound lanes in the wrong direction. Fairview Police witnessed brake lights coming on as they came upon the wrong way driver stopped in one of the center west bound lanes. Upon approach, the driver told the officer she did not realize she was on the wrong side of the divided highway. Suspecting impairment, the officer administered Field Sobriety Tests, which the 29 year old Oakwood Village female failed. She was arrested for OVI, taken to the station and registered .195 BAC on the BAC Datamaster machine. She was also cited for Possession of Marijuana for a small amount of raw marijuana located in a container in her car, as well as approximately 35 “burnt roaches” found in her ashtray.

Welcome Home

It was an unhappy homecoming for Fairview Park vacationers when they returned from a trip on Nov. 2. They discovered the house had been ransacked and items taken during their 9-day vacation. Several electronic items and jewelry were taken in the W. 220th St. crime. The scene was processed by an evidence technician, no known suspects at time of report.

POLICE_Avon Lake_DisclaimerFatal Overdose

On Saturday, October 29 at 0457 hours, Avon Lake Police were dispatched to Somerset Apartments for an unresponsive male who had overdosed. Officers administered Narcan and performed CPR with negative results. When paramedics arrived on scene, they pronounced the subject dead. The body was released to the Lorain County Coroner’s Office. A female friend was transported to the Avon Cleveland Clinic.


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