Stolen Car Epidemic Strikes Bay Village

The Bay Village Police Department is requesting help from all residents. The city has experienced a rash of stolen vehicles and theft from autos. Since June 27, 2016 *SEVEN* vehicles have been stolen from resident’s homes. These vehicles were in driveways, and in some cases, in the garage. ALL the vehicles were left unlocked with the keys inside, or nearby.police_bay-village2_disclaimer

In this same time period forty-three (43) other vehicles have been entered and in most cases items were stolen. All but seven (7) of these vehicles had been left unlocked.

The Bay Village Police Department asks all residents to be cognizant of the security of their vehicles and homes. The Police Department reminds all residents to keep doors on their vehicle and homes locked, day and night. Additionally, the Police Department requests all residents to call when they see or hear anything out of the ordinary.102716-budgetwindowcleaning-feat

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