St. Paul Lutheran Church Cross Planting Honors Life

St. Paul Lutheran Church of Westlake believes every life is precious no matter the age.

On November 13, the Detroit Road Church planted 500 crosses in memory of the 58 million American babies lost to abortion since 1973.494641ba8f65411691a83eebc5c0cc84-1

“We mourn when life is lost to death, addiction or brokenness.  When we plant the crosses we remember the 58 million American babies lost to abortion since 1973. We also remember the sorrow of loss felt by the mothers, fathers and grandparents,” said Pastor Ronald Young.

“The loss of joy, talents and love their lives would have brought to our families, church, community and nation is immeasurable.  Also immeasurable is the love and forgiveness found at the cross of Jesus Christ.  

“If you are grieving the loss of a child, if you are struggling with the decisions about an unwanted pregnancy, if you are overwhelmed with the challenges of parenting please come to our community.  Just as Jesus welcomes us, we welcome you.  We will surround you with love and support.”

St. Paul Lutheran Church contact info: 27993 Detroit Rd, Westlake, OH 44145 Phone: (440) 835-3050.


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