Slingshot Brigands Damage Westlake Windows, Cause Injury

Nov. 13 -15:  Five businesses at 26615 Center Ridge Rd. have had door or window glass damaged by marbles, resulting in $8000 in total damages, report Westlake Police.

A window on a 2000 Chrysler minivan parked in that lot was also broken, causing $300 damage. The use of a slingshot is presumed, as a marble was recovered at the scene.POLICE_Westlake_Disclaimer

In addition, 3 reports of marbles being shot at vehicles were received on Nov. 14 around 2:30PM.

-A Cuyahoga Falls man driving his employer’s truck had the windshield damaged by the slingshot-wielding front seat passenger of a dark colored sedan on Sperry Dr.

-An Avon Lake couple were in their 2015 Ford pickup on Detroit Rd. when their windshield was struck by an unknown projectile. They did not see a suspect.

-Lastly, a 56yoa Westlake man was hit in the ear by an unknown projectile while driving on Detroit Rd. He suspects the 2 white male occupants of a silver 2door car with a rear spoiler; they were staring at him before and then laughing right after he was hit. He did not require medical attention.

Anyone with information on this spate of criminal damage and assaults is asked to call Westlake PD at 440.871.3311.