The Normandy Senior Living: Honoring Our Veterans

The Normandy Senior Living of Rocky River honored veterans in a very special way with Veteran’s Day Program and dinner on Fri., Nov. 11.

American heros

American heros

The program featured a Veteran’s Day welcome and pinning of veterans in attendance The Normandy staff.

Patriotic music was provided by Gary Ryan, and several Normandy veteran residents were invited to speak. In solemn testimony of the day, a POW-MIA table was placed in a position of honor in the dining room, symbolizing the frailty of soldiers who face their oppressors.

A highlight of the day came when resident Richard Donaldson brought to the attention of guests a feature photograph that appeared in the Plain Dealer that morning. It depicted a Korean War scene and included in the photo was Normandy resident Jack

Mulach, a Marine vet who lost an arm in Korea. The testimony brought solemn significance to the program.

In conclusion, another veteran and Normandy resident, Dr. Lew, offered a stirring vocal rendition of The Battle Hymn of the Republic.

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