Wanted: Help for Westlake’s K-9 Cop Corps

The Westlake Kiwanis are looking to help the Westlake Police Department, the City of  Westlake and surrounding communities by starting a project to expand Westlake’s canine program.


Chico, Westlake’s K-9 Police Dog, is ready to retire.

Westlake currently has one dog, Chico, and he is set to be retired in early 2017. Westlake is looking to replace him and possibly add one or two more to the program.

These dogs are used in all facets in the criminal apprehension of drug traffickers. They also can be used to establish a relationship within the community for preventative education on drugs (dare program/safety town).

Each dog costs about $15,000. Officer training, car and equipment can total between $5,000 – $8,000. The Kiwanis have set up a fund to attract donations and grants to achieve this goal. Any questions about the project, can be forwarded to Rick Grane at rickgrane@aol.com.

Donations may be tax deductible depending on your tax bracket.