Community West Foundation: “To Uncover the Divine Spark in Every Shadow…..”

Cleveland Poet Katie Daley

Cleveland Poet Katie Daley

What better season than Advent to celebrate the divine spark that is alive in each and every one of us?

Community West Foundation did just that on Sunday afternoon with the premiere reading of Mensch’s Polonaise, an original work created for David T. Dombrowiak by Cleveland Poet Katie Daley.

Daley presented the poem – along with two others – on the afternoon of Sunday, December 11th from 2 to 4 pm at the Bruno Casiano Gallery, located at 5304 Detroit Avenue. It was an afternoon of wine, cheese, and wonderful art – both from Katie and the artist Bruno Casiano.

David T. Dombrowiak, President and CEO, Community West Foundation: “I was overwhelmed by the good wishes...”

David T. Dombrowiak, President and CEO, Community West Foundation: “I was overwhelmed by the good wishes…”

The event was a follow-up to the Beck Center’s 2016 Man of the Year award presentation to Community West Foundation President & CEO David T. Dombrowiak.

“I was overwhelmed by the good wishes and generosity of many of our local artists,” said Dombrowiak of the Beck Center honor. “Katie was unable to attend the Beck Center event but composed a special poem for me, Mensch’s Polonaise for the occasion.”

Good news! Katie was in Cleveland to deliver the poem in person at the Bruno Casiano Gallery. It featured the premiere reading of Mensch’s Polonaise, delivered with Katie’s signature heartfelt panache.

“Katie has been a wonderful friend to Community West Foundation and she feels that poetry is a way to build trust within ourselves, and community with others,” said Dombrowiak.

For those who were not there – or those who have not heard Katie read – she doesn’t …she gives a full all-out performance that left guests overwhelmed and moved.

The poem is written in the style of Allen Ginsberg, an especially appropriate individualization dedicated to Dombrowiak because of his personal connection to the father of beat poetry. They were friends who shared the same birth date and made an annual calls to one another until the poet’s death in 1997.

The poem celebrates David’s call to share in the banquet of life with the least of our brothers and sisters, a mission clearly espoused by the Community West Foundation’s commitment to “Illuminate Hope.”

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