Westlake Police: Woman Talks Herself into Trouble

Here is the story of a woman who talked too much!

It starts with  46 year old Cleveland woman who kept calling her soon-to-be-ex-husband’s Sperry Dr. workplace on Dec. 13, even after being told to stop.

She interspersed those calls with more calls to his cell phone. One of those calls was answered by an investigating officer from the Westlake Police Dept. who told her to stop or face arrest for Telecommunications Harassment.POLICE_Westlake_Disclaimer

She then called Westlake Police to complain about being told that, plus she admitted to calling the victim 9 times. It’s always helpful, report police, when a suspect initiates a call to the police department and confesses on a recorded line. Prosecutor to rule on possible Menacing by Stalking charges as well.

Car Troubles

A 2001 Dodge Caravan was found on Horseshoe Blvd. with a peeled column. It was stolen from a Cleveland location sometime on Dec. 12, unbeknownst to the owner (a Euclid man). Nearby on Windrush Dr. a 2002 Dodge Caravan with a handicap lift was stolen from a resident’s driveway. That van was recovered on Dec. 14 by CPD, who arrested the adult female and 3 male juveniles who were inside it.

A Westford Cr. woman’s 2016 Toyota Camry had all 4 wheels stolen off of it sometime Dec. 11-12.

A Lorain woman’s 2016 Ford Contour was broken into on Dec. 15. The front passenger window was broken while she was at a Columbia Rd. business; her purse containing $500 and credit cards was taken.

Seasonal Disorderlies

-A 20yoa Sperrys Forge Trl. man argued with his family about going to work on Dec. 9. He claims his 20yoa brother punched him repeatedly; his mom said there was no fistfight and that the 21yoa kicked the front door. Prosecutor to rule.

-A 45yoa Ashbourne Dr. man and his 37yoa wife have fought intermittently since June, but have never called WPD; both are consulting lawyers about a divorce. They argued on Dec. 10 and the wife reported the previous kicks, punches, and headbutts. The male was arrested for DV.

-Dec. 8 was a bad day for a Center Ridge Rd. man. Someone in NJ ran up $322 worth of charges on his debit card. He reported the fraud on Dec. 10.

-Items worth $102 were stolen from a Center Ridge Rd. store on Dec. 10. The suspect set off the store’s anti-shoplifting system, but he was able to get away from the staff.

-A 25yoa Cleveland woman received a broken nose and an injury to her right eye on Dec. 11. Her on/off 40yoa boyfriend of Saddlebrook Ln. was arrested for Fel. Assault. They had argued over seeing other people.

-A 48yoa Bradley Rd. woman was arrested for DV on Dec. 12. She threw items at her 47yoa husband and pushed him after confronting him while he read the mail.

-A 52yoa North Olmsted man and 53yoa Avon woman were both arrested for DCI on Dec. 12. They were at a Center Ridge Rd. tavern and argued about whether to stay or not, then pushed each other and threw each other’s belongings around.

-A 30yoa Cleveland woman stole three pair of boots from a Detroit Rd. store on Dec. 14. She wore one pair and carried 2 more out before being detained by store staff. She was arrested for Petty Theft and PCT (a magnet used to defeat the anti-theft tags).   

-An E. Brockway Dr. woman is missing jewelry worth $850 since Oct. She suspects a visitor and reported the theft on Dec. 15. 102716-briotuscangrille_feat