Mercy Foundation of Lorain County Awards $2.3M in Support of the Mercy Health System in 2017

James A. Leone, Chair, Homer Virden, Vice Chair, and Scott Pember, President, Mercy Foundation of Lorain County.

James A. Leone, Chair, Homer Virden, Vice Chair, and Scott Pember, President, Mercy Foundation of Lorain County.

The Mercy Foundation of Lorain County has announced awards of more than $2.3 million in grants to the Mercy Health System for the 2017 fiscal year.

Grants made to the health system are vital to supporting the programs and services that many residents of Lorain County depend on; these grants would not be possible without the generosity of individual and corporate donors, the health system’s auxiliaries and other local foundations.

A portion of these gifts were generated by the foundation’s two marquee fundraisers, Taste of Friendship and the Mercy Golf Classic outing. The foundation also relies on the generous engagement of Mercy employees, patients, community organizations and outside grants. Additionally, the foundation receives memorial gifts from the families and friends of loved ones served through Mercy New Life Hospice.

“We are grateful to every individual and organization that has supported the Mercy Foundation of Lorain County over the last year,” says Scott Pember, Foundation President. “Our total dollars raised in 2016 reflect a significant increase from previous years, which is why we are able to sustain such substantial grant awards. Each and every dollar donated helps us to improve the health of the very community in which we live and work.”

Community Outreach                                   $803,870

Titan Wellness Program                               $250,000

Mercy Cancer Center                                   $195,000

“These are just a few examples of the ways in which our donors’ philanthropic dollars are kept in the community and utilized to directly impact patient care,” says Pember. “Thanks to the generosity of the foundation’s donors and supporters, thousands of lives will be touched through these diverse programs and services.”

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Mercy to Unveil High Profile Projects

lor_mercy-foundation-logo_pms-spotThe Mercy Foundation of Lorain County has announced that two high-profile announcements will be coming in 2017.

“Looking ahead to 2017, the foundation is set to unveil two high-impact projects which have been made possible by some truly transformative donors,” reports Foundation President Scott Pember.

“These entities have chosen to partner with Mercy in a significant, lasting way by securing the naming rights on two very exciting new projects. Truly, as we reflect on 2016 and our hopes for the year to come, we have much to be grateful for.”

The foundation receives requests for funding from numerous sources, including physicians, staff, clinical departments and individual program managers. Because there are always more requests than available funds, decisions are guided by how the request will support the Mercy mission and provide a margin of excellence that would otherwise not be possible. Funds are awarded in a variety of categories – to purchase new medical equipment, to provide cutting-edge educational opportunities to physicians and staff and to make Mercy’s high quality healthcare accessible to every member of the greater Lorain community.

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