Bay to Discuss Cahoon Park Library Site

Bay Village City officials have expressed interest in holding discussions with the Cuyahoga County Public Library relative to a new Bay Village Branch to be built in Cahoon Park.CuyahogaLibrary

In a letter addressed to CCPL Executive Director Sari Feldman dated Jan. 3, Mayor Paul Koomar and all Cahoon Park Trustees (City Council members) wrote:

“We want to thank you for having the opportunity to meet with your representative on Monday concerning the location of a new Cuyahoga County Public Library Branch in Cahoon Park, located in Bay Village. There is a parcel of land just west of City Hall which may be suitable for your new location. Although we have not taken formal action, there is unanimous consensus among the Trustees to continue this discussion and offer the parcel of land as a possible location.

“Once you have formally announced your intentions we will proceed with the formal Resolution and probate court approval in order to expedite and move forward with this venture.”

Last year, Cleveland Metroparks pulled out of a potential site within Huntington Reservation. CCPL records indicate about $8 million has been set aside for the construction of a new Bay Village Branch as part of a comprehensive system upgrade.

Mayor Koomar reports that a location near the Middle School, the exceptional work of Bay Village Branch Manager Jessica Breslin, and an upgrade to a community resource warrants discussion.

Under terms of the Cahoon Will, a Library is permitted within Cahoon Park. In fact, the Will calls for a library to be housed within the park. Today, this provision is met through the collection of historic documents at home in Rose Hill Museum and the Osborn House.

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