Shoplifting Turns to Robbery for Drug Addict

A 28 year old Lorain man stole $234 worth of property from a Detroit Rd. store on Jan. 27, report Westlake Police. He fought with two staffers, thus turning a shoplifting into a robbery – all to support his dope habit. He was arrested for Robbery, POM, and Drug Paraphernalia.

Needle and the Damage DonePOLICE_Westlake_Disclaimer

A Mentor on the Lake man shot up in the restroom of a First St. business in Westlake on Jan. 28 and passed out with the hypo in his hand. He falsely claimed to be a diabetic. He was arrested for DCI and Possession of Drug Abuse Instruments. He is on federal probation and his PO was informed of the matter.

Muffin Man


The evidence – a simple muffin

An intoxicated 28yoa Westlake man found the door unlocked at a Detroit Rd. business on Jan. 29. He let himself in and enjoyed a muffin whilst setting off the store’s alarm. He was arrested for DCI after store management gave him a pass on the B&E and Petty Theft.

Snow Job

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Snow job

A 25yoa Lakewood man reported that his mom’s 1999 Ford Escort had been stolen from a Center Ridge Rd. parking lot on Jan. 29. He thought he left the keys in it before going off with friends. His 24yoa buddy (Parma Hts man) backed that story up. It was later involved in a crash in Cleveland and was impounded after the driver left the scene. The other driver in the Cleveland crash was contacted and later IDed WPD’s “victim” as the absconder. Warrants were issued for both the Westlake (Tampering with Records and Obstructing Official Business) and Parma Hts. (Obstructing Official Business) men. The Westlaker was arrested on Feb. 1 and the Parma Hts. man on Feb. 2.

Phone Troubles

A Cleveland woman left her $800 phone on the table at a Crocker Rd. restaurant on Jan. 28. When she went back to get it, it was gone.

A Westlake man’s $800 phone was taken sometime 8PM-8:15PM from a Detroit Rd. tavern on Jan. 31.

Tow Truck Rammed

A 33yoa Cleveland man failed to stop, move over, or otherwise avoid hitting a 2012 Peterbilt tow truck on Columbia Rd. while it was hooking up a vehicle from an earlier crash on Jan. 31. He was arrested for OVI after refusing sobriety testing. He also refused a breath test at the jail and was cited for that refusal and for failing to go around the stationary emergency vehicle.

Stolen Van

An officer spotted a stolen 2006 Ford van in a Center Ridge Rd. parking lot on Jan. 29. The column had been peeled when it was stolen in Cleveland on Jan. 23. It was towed in and CPD was notified.


For the second time in less than a week, an intoxicated 50yoa Westlake woman was cited for DCI. She was at a Main St. business and had to be transported to St. John Medical Center by WFD due to her level of impairment.

Bad Tags

Tooling around with a stolen temp tag on his car got a 32yoa Cleveland man arrested on Jan. 30 for RSP. He was stopped at a Detroit Rd. business as he dropped off his girlfriend. He was also cited for DUS and Fictitious Plates.

Clothing Swiped

Clothing worth $169 was stolen from a Crocker Pk. Blvd. store on Jan. 30. Staff got the license plate of the suspect (rental) vehicle and promised to provide CCTV footage of the theft. The rental agency provided information on the 26yoa Akron woman who rented the car.

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