Car Rams Home in Fairview Park

A homeowner on W. 228 in Fairview Park fortunately survived a shocking crash that saw an SUV crash into her living room on March 19 at 10:30 p.m.

The female drive of the car had climbed out of the vehicle, over the roof of the car and fled on foot.POLICE_Fairview Park_Disclaimer

Upon arrival, officers observed the car almost entirely in the living room, still running, after crashing through the front window area of the home. Officers searched the area but did not locate the female driver.257534-1

Checking inside the car, it was discovered that the driver had left a purse with identification inside. The homeowner was checked by paramedics for minor injuries sustained from debris, but declined transport.

The possible driver was identified by the car owner and on 3-21-2017, she contacted Police and agreed to turn herself in, claiming to have panicked.

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