Ed’s Wrestlers Make it 34 Years of NCAA All-Americans

The dominence of the St. Edward High wrestling program is everywhere.

The school has earned numerous state championships and produced many, many state champs.


Dean Heil – 4-time St. Edward State Champ, two-time NCAA champ

At last weekend’s NCAA National Championships in St. Louis, the Ed’s scorecard at the college level added more ammo.

Four-time state champ Dean Heil, a junior at Oklahoma State, capped a 32-0 season and won his second straight NCAA championship.

Ty Walz of Virginia Tech also placed at the tournament, taking fourth at 285 pounds to become a two-time All-America.

The accomplisments give the St. Edward High wrestling program a real claim to fame: Eagle grads have earned college All-America honors for 34 years straight.

Adding to the drama of Heil’s championship was the fact he faced St. Ignatius grad George DiCamillo (Virginia) in the finals. It was a tough and close match, but Heil lodged a decisive takdown in the third period to seal a 6-3 victory.

The battle was being called a ‘Holy War’ in St. Louis and even Heil, in a prematch interview on ESPN, said it would be a good, old-fashioned West Side Cleveland rumble.

For DiCamillo, the runner-up performance caps a distinguished collegiate career. He is a four-time ACC champ and become just the third Virginia wrestler to reach the NCAA finals.

St. Edward Hall of All-America Fame

St. Edward Honor Roll of NCAA Champions

Jim Heffernan (Iowa) – Division I 1986

Greg Wright (Edinboro) – Division II 1986

Alan Fried (Oklahoma State) – Division I 1994

Ryan Bertin (Michigan) – Division I 2003, 2005

Dean Heil (Oklahoma State) – Division I 2016

 St. Edward Honor Roll of NAIA Champions

Duke McKean (Olivet Nazarene) 1992, 1993

 St. Edward Honor Roll of College All-Americans

1980: Jeff Golz                                                                                                        

1982: Mike Elinsky

1983: Jim Heffernan

1984: Tom Diamond, Greg Elinsky, Jim Mason

1985: Greg Elinsky, Jim Heffernan, David Held

1986: Greg Elinsky, Jim Heffernan, Greg Wright, David Held

1987: Greg Elinsky, Jim Heffernan, John Heffernan

1988: John Heffernan, Terry Kennedy

1989: Terry Kennedy

1990: Mike Mason

1991: Alan Fried

1992: Alan Fried, Duke McKean

1993: Rick Hepp, Duke McKean

1994: Alan Fried, Rick Hepp

1995: Roger Chandler, Rick Hepp
1996: Roger Chandler

1997: Roger Chandler

1998: Sam Neider

1999: Andy Hrovat, Sam Neider, Zach Thompson

2000: Zach Thompson

2001: Andy Hrovat, Mike Kulczycki, Gray Maynard, Yoshi Nakamura

2002: Ryan Bertin, Andy Hrovat, Gray Maynard, Yoshi Nakamura

2003: Ryan Bertin, Gray Maynard

2004: Ryan Bertin, Mark Jayne

2005: Ryan Bertin, Mark Jayne

2006: Ryan Lang

2007: Ryan Lang, Lance Palmer

2008: Lance Palmer

2009: Lance Palmer

2010: Lance Palmer

2011: Chris Honeycutt

2012: Chris Honeycutt

2013: Nick Sulzer

2014: Nick Sulzer

2015: Dean Heil, Nick Sulzer, Ty Walz

2016: Dean Heil, Ty Walz

 2017: Dean Heil, Ty Walz

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