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VillagerBeat-FEATBay Library: The City of Bay Village may be getting a new library. That is the subject of discussion among Bay City Council members who, in their capacity as Cahoon Park Trustees, debate the potential of a new Bay Branch of the Cuyahoga County Library for an area in Cahoon Park.

Some say a new library isn’t needed. Or that a new library or addition should be worked out at the present site on Cahoon Road.

The point missed, however, is the CCPL reportedly has some $7 million set aside and waiting for a NEW Bay branch to be built. They have already upgraded almost every branch in the system. Bay is the last on the list at this point and if a suitable location isn’t found, the city may miss out on a significant civic upgrade.

That is part of the real question before Bay Council. What would you do if you were a council member? Turn down a $7-8 million addition to the city that comes at no cost to you or beyond what residents are already paying in taxes?

Seems like a no-brainer. Most people would go for it, even if it means saying goodbye to the venerable but obsolete Bay Way Cabin.

Goodbye Playhouse? Noted in the Feb. minutes of the Metroparks is a budget item that estimates demolition of Huntington Playhouse as $90-160,000. “Currently evaluating assessment findings,” says the facilities reports.

Friendly Rivals: Mayors Bryan Jensen of Avon and Greg Zilka added another page to their history of zingers at last week’s State of the Cities Luncheon at Tom’s Country Place. Mayor Jensen drew laughs as he posted ‘Eat More Chikn’ signs on photoshopped images of Zilka and Avon Lake’s Fire Chief (see picture on page one). “I got strange calls last week asking if a Chick-fil-A was coming to Avon,” said Jensen to laughs from the good-natured audience.

Last year, Jensen ribbed the Avon Lake Mayor about the ‘Zilka Virus’ being dangerous to deer. Zilka, however, can stand his ground, reminding all the famed Redwood Schools Eagles are namesakes of the Avon mascot who would rather live in Avon Lake!

More On Bay: Bay Village City Council moved to go into an executive session Monday night to discuss several items, including the Library. During the regular session of Council, the city agreed to extend the contract for Kiddie Kollege in the Bay Way Cabin to Sept. – allowing them time to move to another locale. This strongly indicates that this is the site for the new Library.

Mayor Koomar reports that the CCPL, at its Feb. 28th meeting, approved a resolution for the Bay Branch Replacement.

The mayor says the proposed site was carefully considered. It does not compromise green space used by soccer or sports, there will not be trees coming down, it is close to the Middle School and existing parking is nearby.

Those who think the old library would be better off renovated, the fact is the CCPL has $7 million set aside for a NEW Bay branch. Why would Bay want to leave that on the table when a brand new facility could be built in Cahoon Park at no cost to the city? As for building on the old library site, why not let the city exchange the building with the BOE? Makes sense and expands facilities for both city and schools.

It is an exciting time for Bay under the new Koomar administration. Things are happening under new Council President Dwight Clark with a spirit of cooperation among all evident.

Other Things Coming:

– New Animal Control officer hiring is imminent.

– Through County funding, the City will be able to add a large generator to Dwyer Center, bringing an emergency shelter to the community in the event of a weather catastrophe.

– Funding is also in the works for a $10 million upgrade to the Knickerbocker Senior Apartments, bring significant upgrades to this important resource for senior living in Bay Village.

Years ago, Bay Village worked hard to find funding for large projects and the strategy worked. Under the late, great Council President Dick Martin, Bay once had the entire length of Lake Road rebuilt by the state in exchange for only the engineering costs.

Bay is working smart and hard once again, just a month or so into a new administration. It is an exciting time for the community.


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