Westlake Town Criers Donations

Westlake Town Criers Donated 2 iPads to Westlake Class

IMG_1020-2Westlake Town Criers donated 2 iPads to Westlake Mrs. Moennich 4th grade gifted class. Pictured are students Nik Matwijiw, Aleandria Kurcz and Connor Tian with Westlake Town Criers President Matt Novak, Mrs. Bernath and Westlake Town Criers Vice President Rick Grane.



Town Criers/ Kiwanis Monoxide Detector Donation

IMG_0996-1Matt Novak (Westlake Town Criers President), Firemen Asst. Chief Mike Freeman, Lt. Ryan Clifford, Firefighters Rob Thompson, Shawn Goldsmith, Tony Samarin, Kirk Stanevich, Rick Grane (Kiwanis president), and Al Smith (member of both Westlake Kiwnais and Town Criers).



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