John Glenn Remembered on ‘Yuri’s Night’

John and Annie Glenn

John and Annie Glenn

It may have been ‘Yuri’s Night’ – but John Glenn was not forgotten at the annual Outer Space party held April 8 at the Great Lakes Science Center in downtown Cleveland.

‘Yuri’s Night’ is actually an annual celebration observed world-wide each spring in observance of Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin’s first manned space flight on April 12, 1961.

In reality, it’s a chance for an out-of-this-world party! Space geeks everywhere lift off each year for a night of fun, science fiction costumes and intergalactic partying.

Cleveland’s Great Lakes Science Center hosted its 2017 ‘Yuri’s Night’ the evening of April 8 as the crowd partied into the night.

Not to be overlooked, however, was America’s farewell to Ohio-born national hero and astronaut – John Glenn.

Glenn was saluted in costume by an east side couple who wanted to honor Glenn and his wife, Annie.

“We did this to honor a true American hero,” they said as they stood at the entrance to the new John Glenn Memorial Exhibit at the Great Lakes Science Center that opened on Dec. 9, 2016, the day after Glenn died.

DSC_1843-41“He represented an America and its ideals that we wanted to recognize,” said the couple. “They are values that we need in our country today.”

Fittingly, their tribute to Glenn came just a day after the late astronaut was given a final farewell in official ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery.

Then, it was off into orbit for a night of fun and fundraising at the Great Lakes Science Center. There was a costume contest, space trivia game, live music, plenty of food and drink and even a balloon drop. What a blast(off)!

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