Westlake Will Select New Law Director in 2017

1-12-17 MIKE MALONEY PIC-1The position of Law Director for the City of Westlake is one of the community’s most important elected positions.

The Law Director heads a department that represents the City in all legal matters and pursues and defends all actions on behalf of the City or against the City in all Ohio and United States courts or agencies – from filing through discovery, trial and any necessary appellate work.

The Law Director also works closely with the Mayor, City Council and the Administration to ensure enforcement of the Codified Ordinances and Charter of the City of Westlake. He prepares ordinances and resolutions for passage by the legislative body and attends Council, Planning Commission, Board of Zoning Appeals, Civil Service, Council Committee, staff and other miscellaneous meetings as requested. He also provides daily rendering of legal opinions and advice to Council, Mayor, and Administration among other duties. Westlake is one of a handful of cities in Cuyahoga County that elects its law director. The Law Director is, also, the chief prosecuting attorney for the city. A complete description of Westlake Law Director duties may be seen here: www.cityofwestlake.org/185/Law.

John Wheeler, the City’s first elected Law Director, is retiring at the end of 2017 at the conclusion of his current elected term. He has served in this elected post since 2005.

Wheeler officially announced his retirement last fall to create a fair and open opportunity for voters to select a new Law Director in November, 2017

Meet Michael P. Maloney

A leading candidate for the position of Westlake Law Director is Michael P. Maloney. Maloney brings extensive experience to his bid for this important office. He has served as Assistant Law Director for the City of Parma from 2000 to the present day and has a private law practice at 24441 Detroit Road, Ste. 200, in Westlake.

“I probably started campaigning at the beginning of last summer, arguably long before then,” he said last week.  Maloney has already invested many hours collecting petition signatures walking door to door and meeting prospective voters at Westlake locales like Porter Public Library.

Maloney has lived and worked in Westlake since 2001.  His 30-years of experience have seen him progress from both the Franklin County Prosecutor and Lakewood Prosecutor’s office where he served as an intern in the ‘80s. He then worked as a Cuyahoga County Assistant Prosecuting Attorney from 1987-94 and was a Senior Associate at the law firm of Climaco, Lefkowitz, Peca, Wilcox & Garofoli Co. LPA from 1994-2000. He became Assistant Law Director for the City of Parma in 2000 and opened his Westlake practice the same year.

Maloney is graduate of the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law, and Cleveland State University.

Maloney is endorsed by the Republican Party of Cuyahoga County and current Westlake Law Director John Wheeler. He is also endorsed by nearly every Law Director and Municipal Prosecutor in the south and west side suburbs.


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