Westlake Police Bust Bogus Check Ring

Five people were arrested on May 10 after cashing counterfeit checks at two area banks. A 31 year old Willowick man cashed them at Westlake and Avon Lake Key Bank branches, report Westlake Police.

He faces an Engaging in a Pattern of Corrupt Activity charge. The Cleveland company whose name appeared on the checks has been victimized before, although the bank name and account number used in this instance is incorrect.

A 22 year old Cleveland woman also faces an Engaging in a Pattern of Corrupt Activity charge, as does a 25yoa Cleveland man (also DUS and Fict. License Plates offenses), a 26yoa South Euclid woman, and a 26yoa Euclid man (Willowick man’s brother).

It is suspected that at least one more bogus check was passed in Greater Cleveland by the group earlier that day.

Phony Loan

A Hampshire Pl. man reported a phony loan on May 5. He was being dunned by the company who sent $9600 to a bank account that is not his. Info on the loan’s internet origination showed a Columbus OH IP address.

Fracas on the Homefront

A neighbor reported a fracas at a Westford Cr. home on May 7. The 28yoa female resident stated that her 29yoa boyfriend had pulled her hair and punched and slapped her after she locked him out.  A DV warrant has been issued for him and his federal probation officer notified.

Elder Violence

A 74yoa Canterbury Rd. man waved down a passing motorist who he thought was speeding on May 9. That male (35yoa North Olmsted man) got out of his car and pushed the older man down. A neighbor provided the license plate of the driver. When contacted, the driver denied touching the victim. An Assault warrant was obtained and the suspect turned himself in on May 11.

Morning Jolt

A 47yoa Oberlin woman started May 9 with not exactly the breakfast of champions. She was arrested for OVI after another motorist reported her erratic driving at 9:54AM.  She was stopped on Columbia Rd. and subsequently refused a breath test.


2 14yoa Avon Lake girls were caught shoplifting on May 7. Store staff detained them after they took $214 worth of property without paying for it. Both were released to their parents and will be filed on in Juv. Court for Petty Theft.

Miscellaneous Mayhem

-A 25yoa Euclid woman was driving along Crocker Rd. without headlights on May 8. She was found to only have a temp. permit; neither of the two passengers had a valid driver’s license. She was cited. One of the passengers was later found to have misidentified himself as a juvenile; he is actually a 22yoa Euclid man with a felony warrant. Warrants are being sought for him for MisID and for Obstruction against the driver and other passenger (18yoa Euclid man), as they had all confirmed the falsehood. Like my mom says: one lies and the others swear to it.

-A Saddlebrook Ln. man lost his credit card recently. Somebody found it and went on a tear, charging $1826 worth of purchases. He discovered the theft when he checked his bank statement on May 8.

-A 31yoa Lorain woman passed 2 counterfeit $100 bills at her Crocker Rd. place of employment on May 6. They were detected on May 8. Prosecutor to rule.

-A 26yoa Cleveland woman stole $13 worth of merchandise from a Detroit Rd. store on May 8. When confronted by staff, she returned some of it and then drove off. She was stopped nearby and was arrested for Petty Theft.

-A ride service driver stopped on Wonneta Pkwy. and called for WPD help on May 9 after his intoxicated fare could not give her local address. The 29yoa woman could state her former Cincy address just fine. She was arrested for DCI.

-Someone in IL opened up 2 cable TV accounts and did not pay the bills totaling $1537 after using a Detroit Rd. identity. He reported the fraud on May 10.

-A 25yoa Center Ridge Rd. woman and her 32yoa husband argued, broke each other’s phones and ended the brawl with him head-butting her twice while she bit and slapped him and threw water. He was arrested for DV at a relative’s home.

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