Sears Receipt is No Sale in Bay Traffic Stop

A confused driver handed Bay Village Police a Sears receipt instead of her insurance card when questioned during a traffic stop this week. The confusion was one detail in the resulting DWI charges.

The story: On 05/13/2017, at 12:35 AM, an officer on routine patrol saw a Honda Civic travelling erratically west bound on Lake Road, near Vineland. After it again crossed the double yellow line, the officer stopped the vehicle near Oakmoor. As the Honda pulled over to the right hand side, it struck the curb.

The officer was walking up to speak to the driver and noticed the female driver lowered the rear window instead of the driver’s window. Once the correct window was lowered, the officer noted the faint aroma of marijuana and that the driver’s eyes were glassy.

The 32-year old said she was on her way home to Canton and figured she was about ¾ of the way there. She had trouble locating her insurance information and started to hand the officer a Sears receipt.

After failing the standard field sobriety tests, she was arrested and taken back to the station for processing. Later she was released on personal bond to a sober adult. She will be charged into Rocky River Municipal Court for DWI, multiple other traffic charges and Possession of Marijuana.

After Hours

On 05/14/2017, at 11:16 PM, an officer observed three vehicles parked in the lot of the Cahoon Park Walking path at Lake Rd and Cahoon. Being as the park closes at 11:00 PM, he decided to check further. The officer observed lying on the center console of a parked Hyundai, in plain view, a multi-colored glass pipe with some type of residue in the bowl. In the park, away from the vehicles, he located four individuals. The 20-year old female operator of the Hyundai was issued a citation for Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. A 19-year old female from Lagrange was arrested for Under Ager Alcohol Consumption. Incident to her arrest a search disclosed she was in possession of a plastic bag containing marijuana. After processing at the station, she was released on personal bond to a sober adult. She was charged into Rocky River Municipal Court for the alcohol and drug offenses.

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