Westlake Police: Blame it on the Pink Dust

You’ve heard the saying, “Don’t Drink and Drive.” Here is a new one from a Westlake driver who overdosed on drugs and then crashed into a sign on the freeway, “Don’t Snort the Pink Dust and Drive.”

But, stupid is as stupid does. The 55 year old Lorain County woman hit a median road sign on I-90 eastbound on May 13 in Westlake. She later admitted to snorting a pink powder given to her by a relative “to see what everyone is talking about” prior to the crash, report Westlake Police. She knows what everyone is talking about now!

A passerby stopped and performed CPR until officers arrived and administered 4 doses of Narcan. Westlake Fire Dept. transported her to St. John Medical Center for treatment.

She also takes an prescription opiate for chronic pain. She was cited for OVI, POM, and Failure to Control. A urine sample will be analyzed by the County Medical Examiner.

Off and Running

A $7000 outboard motor was stolen off of a Lakewood man’s boat sometime April 27-May 12. It had been parked at a Detroit Rd. business.

School Daze

A 14yoa female student brought an alcoholic beverage to the High School on May 12 and passed it around to two 15yoa female schoolmates. The 14yoa and one of the 15yoa will be filed on for Underage Consumption. The other 15yoa became loud and obnoxious in the school office and so was cited for DCI and Underage Consumption.

Dine & Dash

A patron did the old dine and dash at a Detroit Rd. restaurant on May 12. He placed a $33 to-go order and left without paying. He then called back later on asking if he had left his debit card there (he had not, or this matter would have been resolved already). He promised to come back and pony up but has not as of May 18.

Please Mr. Postman

A Fall River Dr. woman found that an unknown person filed a mail forwarding order with the USPS. It was done online on March 23 and caused a shipment of medication to be sent to a FL address. The Postal Inspectors were notified after the victim reported the matter on May 12.

Those Poor Kids!

On May 13, a 7 year Lorain boy knocked on an adjacent Detroit Rd. apartment door to report that his 2 year sister’s dad was hurting his mom. The intoxicated 40yoa male was arrested for felony DV (he has a prior conviction); he had socked his estranged/intoxicated 36yoa Lorain wife in the left eye. WFD transported her to St. John Medical Center for treatment; she was subsequently transferred to UH main campus due to the severity of her injuries. The boy and his 2yoa sister were left with the suspect’s girlfriend at her home where the incident took place. 696-KIDS was also notified.

Handgun Found in Hilliard Blvd. Car Rollover

A 27 year Cleveland man rolled his 2008 Dodge Charger on Hilliard Blvd. on May 14 and landed on top of a natural gas shutoff.  He was arrested for OVI and refused a breath test. A loaded .45cal handgun was found in the vehicle; he faces OVI and Using Weapons While Intoxicated charges.

Missing Firearms

2 9mm handguns went missing from a Cedarwood Dr. man’s car sometime Feb. 11-May 15. There was no sign of forced entry to the vehicle; total value of the weapons is $1100.


$1500 cash was stolen from a Bassett Rd. home sometime May 11-14. The victim suspects that a relative’s former beau took it by forcing open her small safe.

Mad Boyfriend

A Westown Blvd. woman was telephoned by her 31yoa ex-boyfriend on May 14, contrary to a TPO which proscribes any such contact. He used vulgar language and threatened to send someone to her home.


RX meds were stolen from a Concord Dr. woman’s home on May 15 after the USPS had delivered them.

Plants Kidnapped

A 51yoa North Olmsted man was stopped for a traffic infraction by NOPD on May 16. The backseat of his car was full of potted plants; his story about having purchased them from a Center Ridge Rd. retailer in Westlake was full of holes. He eventually admitted having stolen them from a home on Westown Blvd. He will be summonsed for Petty Theft.

Fast Work

-A Lakewood woman thinks she dropped her wallet outside a Crocker Pk. Blvd store on May 15. She cancelled all her credit cards right away. This was timely, as an attempt was made to use one for an $860 online purchase. The card was declined.

-A Lorain woman’s wallet was taken from her purse on May 16 while she shopped at a Market St. store. An attempt to use her credit cards at a store in Avon was declined shortly thereafter.

Bad Image

An employee of a Crocker Rd. business found that his webpage was hacked on May 16. An inappropriate photo and vulgar phrase were placed on it.

No Friends

An intoxicated 27yoa Elyria woman wonders why she has no friends. She tried to pick fights with other patrons of a Center Ridge Rd. bar on May 17. She was arrested for DCI after not being able to locate her friends to take her home.

What’s that Smell?

While directing traffic at a Bradley Rd. gas leak on May 18, an officer was asked for directions by a 25yoa Westlake man. The smell of reefer exuding from the car led to the discovery of a pot pipe and some marijuana. The lost (in a couple senses of the word) motorist was cited for POM and Drug Paraphernalia. He was also arrested on a North Olmsted PD warrant.

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