Addiction Diary: Real Life Look at Dope

Syringes found in a Westlake arrest last week.

The life of an addict is not pretty. The habit may start off as a way to feel good. But just take a look at what happens to people who lose their lives to their habit. Do you think any of them wanted to end up this way?

Here is the West Shore Addiction Diary for June, 2017:

  • Bay Village Police were called to Queenswood Drive on June 4 at 7: 11 p.m. because a resident complained that a car was blocking his driveway. Police responded and found that the male driver was passed out behind the wheel of the vehicle and engine was still running. He was unconscious with labored breathing and he was drooling. Police note there appeared to be blood in his saliva. Officers administered two doses of Narcan, but they had no apparent effect. When the rescue squad arrived, they gave the male two additional doses of Narcan intravenously. This finally had the desired result and the 31 year-old Sheffield Lake resident was transported to the emergency room.
  • Westlake Police were notified by a motorist who noticed a woman injecting herself in a Center Ridge Road parking lot on May 23. She nodded off, then came to and drove away. The female was stopped as she drove onto I-90. Dozens of hypos, bloody items associated with drug use, improvised tourniquets, track marks on her arms, and powders in pharmaceutical fold papers all amounted to probable cause for OVI, Drug Possession, and Possession of Criminal Tools arrests. More drugs and heroin abuse tools were found in the cruiser after the 35-year old Lorain woman was transported to WPD, where she gave a urine sample for testing by the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner. It was determined that the suspect was at work when she started jonesing and went out to the car to shoot up. She also claimed to be hoarding the syringes to take to a Lorain County needle exchange. No such exchange exists, report Police.
  • A 55 year old Wellington woman hit a median road sign on I-90 eastbound in May as a result of an OD. A passerby stopped and performed CPR until officers arrived and administered 4 doses of Narcan. Westlake Fire transported her to St. John Medical Center for treatment. She admitted to snorting a pink powder given to her by a relative “to see what everyone is talking about” prior to the crash. She also takes an Rx opiate for chronic pain. She was cited for OVI, POM, and Failure to Control. A urine sample will be analyzed by the County Medical Examiner.
  • An 11 year old boy took some of his intoxicated 45 year old mom’s pain medication on May 28 at a relative’s Cornwell Ave. home. The child was upset due to his parents’ marital separation. He was transported to St. John Medical Center by WFD where his sober dad also responded. Mom was told not to drive, 696-KIDs was notified, and a Child Endangering report was generated for the City Prosecutor to review. Mom did not take the hint, however, and was observed driving back to the home 90 minutes later. She was arrested for OVI (.130 breath test).
  • A 23 year old Bay Village woman didn’t look good recently while parked at a Center Ridge Road business. Officers checking her welfare found her to be alert, but in possession of 6 hypos and also wanted by Bay Police and the Cuyahoga County Sheriff. She was arrested on the outstanding warrants. The spikes were confiscated for destruction.
  • The US Marshals Service arrested a 24-year old Oberlin woman hiding in Westlake on drug and manslaughter charges in May. She had been hiding out at her 26-year old boyfriend’s Framingham Drive house. He was found to be in possession of cocaine and drug pipe. He tried to hide the suspect under his bed, report police, so he was arrested for Obstructing Justice and Possession of Drugs. The manslaughter charges brought against the woman are related to a heroin overdose death of a male associate of the woman at a Brookpark Road motel last year.

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