My Personal Trainer: Achieving Awesome Fitness Results with a Personal Touch

MPT Trainer gives individual attention to each client.

Year round, day or night, awake or sleeping, your body’s muscles are working. At “My Personal Trainer,” in Westlake, they believe that strength training with resistance, along with proper nutrition, is the key element of exercising. My Personal Trainer which has been a healthy staple in the community since 2012, continues to successfully help and maintain its clients weight loss and fitness goals with its unique effective personal training.

Changing lives with the approach of a healthy lifestyle, is what My Personal Trainer takes very serious. All of their clients come in by appointment only to a clean, private, non-intimidating studio with only 1 to 3 clients in the studio at a time.

With the right attitude, anyone can achieve their health and fitness goals by following the two-part program of anaerobic strength training and a fat-burning nutritional plan, which will help you, sustain a healthy way of life. All that is needed is 20 minutes of your time, twice a week. Their full body, progressive strength training anaerobic (high intensity) workout is key. Developing a safe, efficient and effective strength training program is an essential element of optimal health.

Don’t let gender or age keep you from a healthy way of life. Positive effects of strength training have been shown to occur at any age, gender, etc. Here are just a few very important benefits you will gain from an effective strength training program and how it will make a difference in your quality of life:

  • Improves your ability to do everyday activities.
  • Improves your balance and stability.
  • Builds muscle strength.
  • Decreases your risk of osteoporosis.
  • Reduces blood pressure.
  • Increases calorie burn.

Without having strength training as a part of your life regiment, you lose up to ½ pound of muscle every year after the early teens. This gradual decrease in lean muscle tissue means that non-training adults will experience ½ percent reduction in metabolic rate each year. This loss of muscle tissue causes a corresponding loss in one’s metabolic rate, but the good news is that an increase in muscle tissue will also cause a corresponding increase in our metabolic rate.

So many factors can contribute to one giving up; such as, work-out is not intense enough, no clue what you’re doing, lack of support outside the fitness realm, lack of time thinking that you need to hit the gym 5, 6 maybe even 7 days a week. (Spending hours upon hours in the gym usually results in overtraining, injuries and/or lack of desired results.)

Regardless of your goals, whether you have unwanted fat to lose, or maybe you need to get stronger, or you want more energy to get through the day, let those with 40 years of experience in the health, fitness and weight loss industry help you achieve a healthy tomorrow. Their programs will fit into any budget being that they are 70% less than the cost of your average personal training rates.

Reap the many positive benefits that My Personal Trainer has to offer. Now at 4 locations: Broadview Hts. at 7985 Broadview Rd. 440-838-8400; Berea at 381 West Bagley Rd. 440-234-3075; Strongsville at 20930 Drake Rd. 440-878-9000; Westlake at 25959 Detroit Rd. 440-808-0000.

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