Night Shift! Going the Extra Mile at UH St. John Medical Center

COO Jeff Reilly and CEO/President Robert G. David worked the grills for the night shift!

Patients come first at University Hospitals St. John Medical Center in Westlake.

So do employees!

That’s why UH SJMC President & CEO Robert G. David and COO Jeff Reilly manned the grills in full cookout gear at 11 p.m. the night of Sept. 26 to cap a day-long employee picnic to celebrate the end of summer.

“We just wanted to make sure our night shift people know they are every bit as important to us as everyone else here,” said David. He and Jeff Reilly flipped burgers and chicken so the late crew could enjoy fresh eats for their evening break.

LaSchelle Williams and Paul Forthofer dish up the delights at the UH SJMC September picnic!

“We wanted to make sure their meals were just as fresh from the grill as everyone else’s,” said Rob David. “That’s why we’re here.”

It was a special day at UH SJMC. Earlier that morning, UH SJMC staff and leaders gathered for a Remissioning Celebration to emphasize that UH SJMC continues as a Catholic hospital with commitments to excellence in care with kindness and compassion.

The Most Reverend Bishop Roger W. Gries, OSB, of the Cleveland Diocese presided as staff gathered for a service and blessing of hands.

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