False Facebook Post Leads to Possible Charges in Westlake Child Abduction Rumor

Westlake Police say that charges may be filed against a resident who started a rumor last week about a falsely reported child abduction at Crocker Park.

Westlake Police received a report at 5:56 p.m. on Sept. 28 that a Facebook Post was circulating indicating that someone had attempted to abduct a 1-year old child from the play area of Barnes and Noble at Crocker Park.  

The post reportedly said that the suspect, a female with a shaved head, had grabbed the baby but a customer had thwarted the snatching.

“Being that the police department had not received any reports of this incident from the parents, witnesses, the store, or Crocker Park Security, officers were dispatched to the home of the person who posted the information.  Investigation revealed that the incident had never occurred and the posting was completely false,” report Police. A report was generated for the city prosecutor to rule on possible charges of Inducing Panic or Making False Alarms, both misdemeanors.


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