West Shore Osteopathic Foundation Gifts State of the Art Tech to UH St. John

(Front row) Sr. Mary Dorothy Tecca, Camilo Mohar, DO, Marge Lang, Joyce Holod, (back row) UH St. John President & CEO Rob David, Ken Luke, Jack Burke, and John Wolf, DO, West Shore Osteopathic Foundation President.

Thanks to a gift from the West Shore Osteopathic Foundation, physicians in training at University Hospitals St. John Medical Center and in the Family Practice Clinic in North Olmsted will now have state of the art ultrasound devices for multiple uses in patient care.

The gift of three Philips Lumify portable ultrasound transducers compliment their current practice with a variety of applications. The small, portable transducers support up to 5 exam types. Results are immediately available to physicians on a computer tablet or even the physician’s own cell phone at the bedside.

Uses include high resolution imaging of deep structures such as cardiovascular system, abdominal organs, lungs and gynecological organs that aide in both primary and emergency care medicine.

“Ultrasound is likely to replace the stethoscope in the next few decades,” reports Camilo Mohar, DO, Emergency Medicine.

“It is used in conjunction with a computer tablet in various clinical scenarios and is easily accessible on the screen. The doctor can simply choose from a variety of functions on the screen, attach the ultrasound probe and proceed with the examination.

As a teaching hospital, the gift is of special significance to UH St. John. “It is part of the new and future standard of care,” says Dr. Mohar. Ultrasound is so prevalent that it is now a fellowship specialty for physicians who want more experience with the device. Ultrasound is regularly integrated in many areas of practice including Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics and Obstetrics. In the case of a trauma or ectopic pregnancy, for instance, ultrasound can immediately diagnose intra-abdominal fluid and prompt a quicker resuscitation for the emergency scenario.

Camilo Mohar, DO, and John Wolf, DO, West Shore Osteopathic Foundation President.

According to John Wolf, DO, Foundation President, the gift continues the mission of the nonprofit West Shore Osteopathic Foundation to support the graduate medical education programs at UH St. John Medical Center and to promote awareness of Osteopathic Medicine in the community.

The West Shore Osteopathic Foundation was created when St. John Hospital merged with Bay View Hospital in the early 1980s. The initial goal of the Foundation was to start an Osteopathic Graduate Medical Education program at the new hospital. That dream was realized in 1999 with the Family Practice Residency Program. The West Shore Osteopathic Foundation helped fund the initial startup costs. Since 1999, three additional residency programs have been started: Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine and a combined Emergency/Internal Medicine.

“We thank everyone with the Foundation for this wonderful contribution,” says UH St. John President & CEO Rob David. “This is the future.”

To date, over 200 Interns and Residents have graduated from the UH St. John Medical Center Graduate Medical Education programs. To learn more about the West Shore Osteopathic Foundation, please visit www.wsofoundation.org.

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