Avon Lake Garden Club Plants Pollinator Garden

Avon-on-the-Lake Garden Club was the first Garden Club in Ohio to receive the newly created Plant America Grant for 2017-2019 from the National Garden Clubs. The garden needed to be an example of:

  • Beautification
  • Civic Garden
  • Outdoor classroom
  • Example of implementing Environmental Practices
  • A horticulture or environmental education event for the public and / or youth.

The Old Firehouse Pollinator Garden is an outdoor classroom for students from the High School and Erieview Elementary. Because it is on City property, it can be enjoyed by all residents and visitors to the City. When finished, the Garden will be an example of stormwater management. The Lorain County Commissioners provided a grant for Flexi-Pave to be used for the walkway. It will recycle 421 tires mixed with aggregate, wood chips and a proprietary product that will allow rainwater to run through it to the ground where the surrounding plants, once established, will be hydrated. There will also be a rain chain and a dry river that will direct rain water from the roof to Heider Creek which flows to Lake Erie.

When complete the garden will be using hundreds of native plants along with specific specialty plants that are great examples of pollinator plants that grow in our eco-system. This spring the Peach Tree, Crabapple Tree and American Redbud are already in bloom. Within the next couple of days the Golden Delicious Apple Tree’s blossoms will open. The trees were not only selected for their ability to survive the climate, but that they are great cross pollinators that will help increase fruit production. The blueberry bushes that line the deck are also loaded with blossoms.

This is a garden that everyone can enjoy.

If someone wants to assist with the care of the garden, please contact Jennifer Fenderbosch jgf51@icloud.com.

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