Helicopter Activity Expected for Area Power Line Inspections

The North Ridgeville Police Dept. has released an alert that helicopter activity is expected throughout the area this week as aerial power line inspections take place.

“OK, we’re going to try to get in front of this this time in hopes of heading off the phone calls and panicked FB posts,” report North Ridgeville Police on their facebook page.

“First, what it’s not:
1. It is NOT a helicopter crashing.
2. It is NOT a police helicopter searching for Jack the Ripper running through backyards. 
3. It is NOT the military.
4. It is NOT LifeFlight looking for a place to land.
5. It is NOT anyone from the city or the county looking at your property for any reason at all.
6. It is NOT the government spying on you. They can read a newspaper from space, do you really think they would use a noisy helicopter a few hundred feet of the ground?

“Now, what it is:
1. It IS FirstEnergy inspecting their lines.
2. No really, that’s it. That’s all it is. FirstEnergy.

“Beginning today, July 15th, through August 31st they’ll be inspecting all of their lines from the air using these two helicopters. They’ll be moving slowly, 35-40mph and flying about 300 feet above the lines. Last year they had a huge saw hanging from one of the helicopters and they were trimming vegetation that was too close to the lines. It was pretty awesome.

“So that’s it. Just FirstEnergy. Tell your friends and neighbors so they don’t call 911.

“Thanks and have a safe day.”

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